Why teak is a great choice for outdoor furniture

Why teak is a great choice for outdoor furniture

Teak has a reputation for being one of the finest choices for outdoor furniture available. If you are investing in outdoor furniture, then you might want to consider spending a little extra and investing in a high-quality and durable timber such as teak.

Teak furniture is beautiful and is a choice that very few regret! We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why below.

Why choose teak for garden furniture?

The fantastic and hard-wearing properties of teak make it the perfect candidate for garden furniture and even patios. Teak is a hardwood, and one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods at that, which makes it the perfect choice of timber for outdoor applications.

Part of what makes teak so durable is that it contains natural oils and silica which repel water, moisturise the wood and act as a protector against insects. This ensures the wood does not get rotten or infected and that it remains strong throughout its life.

Unlike with most species, the natural oils in teak do not dissipate after cutting and this is why it is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, as you can be confident that it will remain protected even when you have been sitting on it for 50 years in your garden.

Teak is a stunning colour and be honey coloured or slightly reddish when it arrives. However, if is allowed to age naturally without being varnished, then it will turn to a stunning silver-grey colour that is timeless and beautiful. Its original honey colour can be maintained by seasonally treating the wood with teak oil and refinishing it if this is what you’d rather.

Another great feature of teak furniture is that that it retains a comfortable temperature in both cool and hot weather meaning you won’t get burnt on the back of your legs in summer or feel a cold chill on your behind in the winter.

For those more environmentally conscious of us, it is worth noting that teak is a renewable resource and there are teak farms that plant and harvest in carefully planned cycles to create a more sustainable and renewable process overall.

When cultivating teak forests to produce timber, farmlands may also take the assistance of Timber Harvesting companies that offer careful, efficient, and eco-friendly means of cutting these trees so as to cause minimum harm to nature. These timber buyers can properly assess the size, species, age, and health of trees and use sustainable methods to harvest teak so as to try to leave a minimal carbon footprint behind.

Teak can be a great material to use for home construction and interiors due to its high production rate and renewability. Moreover, teak furniture can blend in well with all kinds of interior designs without making it stand out of place. You can also look for timber furniture sellers who may use sustainably grown teak to ensure you are playing your part in saving the environment.