Why Bristol is a great location for a serviced apartment stay

Why Bristol is a great location for a serviced apartment stay

City breaks are great as you get to explore an entirely new location whilst also having plenty of amenities to take advantage of which ensure that you can also have a relaxing stay. Picking the right city is essential and if you are looking for a palace that is going to offer you a good bridge between affordability and luxury then look no further than Bristol.

This hub of the South West offers a variety of different eateries, activities and walks that you can take advantage of from a stay in a serviced apartment. In today’s blog, we take a look at why Bristol is the perfect city to stay in for your next stint in a serviced apartment.

The harbourside is beautiful!

The newly renovated Bristol Harbourside is beautiful and has some fantastic attractions that will really help you to enjoy your stay. Places like the SS Great Britain make fantastic day trips and there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs in walking distance that are all great if you want to take the weight off of your feet.

You are minutes away from a world heritage site

Whilst Bristol is perfect for a serviced apartment stay if you are there for a longer period of time you may get bored. This is where Bath comes in. This world heritage city has some fantastic sights to see and makes a fantastic day trip away from the big city of Bristol. Make sure you book in advance for attractions like the Roman Baths to ensure you do not miss out.

You can find reasonably priced serviced apartments

The other great benefit of staying in Bristol is the wide range of serviced apartments on offer within the city. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and all have their own unique selling points. Just make sure that when you are booking a serviced apartment that you are staying in one that offers both practicality and good views.

Make sure you bring everything you need to enjoy your stay

When packing for your holiday you have to make sure that you have everything you need otherwise you could be caught out big time! Check where your booked serviced apartment is and what you need in terms of essentials.

Whilst you may not be reaching for the sunscreen, there are plenty of things that you should make sure you have for your next city adventure.