Why a Holiday Park Might be the Best UK Vacation, Yet

Why a Holiday Park Might be the Best UK Vacation, Yet

Traveling has taken a bit of an odd turn, lately. After the events of 2020 and 2021, things have eased up a bit, but there are still plenty of questions everyone has to ask before traveling even to a nearby region; let alone abroad. There are restrictions on public movement, certain medical requirements, and various other things to worry about that differ from place to place.

Because of that, many are choosing “staycations” over actually getting out and enjoying something new. Those are great, but they’re not quite the same as traveling somewhere new and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Luckily, there’s a way to simplify your vacation abroad and at least lessen the number of hassles you have to deal with while traveling.

Holiday parks are resorts specifically designed to bring all the fun of vacationing abroad to one centralized location.

Let’s go over the perks you’ll get from booking a stay at a holiday park over dealing with all the trouble of traveling from place to place as the world makes sense of its current situation.

1: Loads of Activities in One Place

When you’re planning a trip on your own, you pick out a series of sights and attractions that catch your eye while researching, plan out how to effectively get to each of them, and then you have to take forever to get wherever you planned on going.

Not only is that time-consuming, but it’s also a hassle. Let’s say you plan to see Big Ben, visit Edinburgh Castle, and stop by some of the hillsides of Northern Island? You have to go through several different regions, all with their own rules and restrictions that you’ll have to abide by on top of spending tons of time traveling.

A holiday park, such as Devon Holiday Parks, packs the most sought-after activities in the UK into one convenient location. Even in the case of the Woolacombe parks, the four parks you get access to are within short distances of one another.

In one place, you can visit the beach, fine restaurants, energetic pubs, go horseback riding, or go off the resort a little to explore sandy coves and beautiful nature walks.

2: Tourist-Friendly


The UK is a beautiful place with a lot to enjoy no matter where you go, but we won’t lie. Some places aren’t as tourist-friendly as others. While the UK has low crime rates, and that isn’t a concern, mixing with less friendly locals can put a damper on your vacation.

At a holiday park, tourists are welcome on every inch of the property. In fact, you’re catered to. Staff members and locals who spend their holidays at holiday parks are all very used to tourists and curious about their cultures and the places they call home.

It’s a lot easier to make a friend at a park than hoping to come across one at a random pub in a rougher area.


3: Bargain Deals

Finally, holiday parks are trying to get as many guests as possible. To do this, they make attractive deals. Not only are access passes often discounted or part of larger packages, but they generally give access to more than just one holiday park.

For the price of one pass, you can enter two, three, or even more parks owned by the same park host.