When to Drink Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers

When to Drink Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers

Alcohol is typically something that is consumed for specific reasons. Whether it’s to celebrate something as grand as a wedding or a first-generation college graduate, or something as mundane as finally getting off of work, alcohol is traditionally a celebratory item.

To make it even better, there are various options for getting a hold of it. You can go to a bar, make your own drinks at home, or buy some pre-made cocktail mixers.

Today, we want to look specifically at the pre-made option. When are those appropriate for a celebration, and when are they not appropriate? Let’s find out.

1: Post-Work Relaxation

We’ve all been there. You went to work, busted your butt all day, dealt with people you’d rather not see again, and it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders even after you get off the clock. That’s nothing a little post-work drink won’t fix.

This is actually one of the prime reasons to have a stockpile of pre-made cocktail mixers around. When you’ve gone through all that, and you’re just having a drink by yourself or with your spouse, you probably aren’t trying to impress anybody, and you also probably don’t want to put much work into getting the drink.

A pre-made mixer fixes that. You just pop the tab and relax rather than having to go to the bar or worry about mixing anything up yourself.

2: Casual Get-Togethers

If you’ve missed your friends for years after graduating, and you could get just one afternoon with them to catch up, would you want to spend the entire get-together mixing up cocktails while they all had fun and talked, or would you want to get right up in the action without sacrificing a good drink or two?

Again, this is the perfect time to bust out some pre-made mixers. Mixers are easy, taste great, and won’t require you to sit in the kitchen the whole time. Just fill up a cooler with ice, dump in some pre-made mixers, and put the cooler in everyone’s reach. Bam. You have a fun party with some drinks to break the ice, and you don’t have to miss a second of it.

3: Parties

If you’re throwing a party for thirty people, and you need drinks to keep the fun rolling, good luck mixing your own. Have you seen the price of alcohol lately? You can easily spend a day’s pay on a bottle or two, and depending on how many adults you’ll be serving, that might not be enough. Then, you have to consider the other ingredients used to make mixed drinks. The price adds up quickly.

With pre-made cocktail mixers, you can forego all of that. For roughly the price of a decent fast-food meal, you can get a six-pack of pre-made cocktail mixers. Multiply that by however many you need, and you’ve provided the alcohol for your party for a fraction of the cost.

Everyone’s happy, and your wallet won’t hate you.