What will the new year bring for the paper bag market in 2020?

What will the new year bring for the paper bag market in 2020?

As we head into the New Year period, many will be considering how they can improve themselves from both a personal and business perspective. Many retailers around the UK currently use the paper bag as a means of packing their items, however, the product has come under attack in recent years due to the waste pollution it is causing.
Here are some of our predictions on what 2020 will bring for the paper bag market and how your business can be proactive in embracing the changes and improving the business and the way it operates.

1. Increased focus on reusable paper bags for the new year
2019 has definitely been a year in which more people have adopted environmentally friendly habits as the battle against climate change heats up. One of the ways many are doing their bit is through using more bags for life. This increase in demand for long-lasting reusable bags has led to more bag suppliers creating products that are more than just single use. In 2020, this trend is likely to continue with more businesses offering bags for life and more customers adopting them over their single-use alternatives.

2. More heavy charges on the use of plastic and single-use bags
One of the reasons why bags for life have seen increased adoption is the higher taxes that are being put on single-use plastic and paper bags. Denver is the latest US city to introduce the higher charge on plastic shopping bags. This has led to many supermarkets making the switch to paper bags and bags for life.

3. Biodegradable paper bags will become more popular
Despite the greener appeal of paper bags, if sourced and used incorrectly they are actually not that good for the environment in the long-run. This is one of the reasons why providers have developed paper bags with a much shorter biodegradable process. This means they no longer have to be reused hundreds of times.

Having sustainable quality paper bags will become a competitive advantage
As the competition for good paper bags increases consumers are going to start demanding more both in terms of the quality of the paper bags and the environmental impact they have. As we move into 2020, having paper bags sourced from an expert supplier with a low carbon footprint will be a unique selling point that you can use to differentiate yourself from competitors.