What to Look for in a Serviced Apartment for Long-Term Stays

What to Look for in a Serviced Apartment for Long-Term Stays

If you’re searching for some long-term accommodation in a serviced apartment, firstly that’s probably the best type of accommodation you can look to for longer stays. However, what are the factors to look out for in order to make it a pleasant stay that’s worth the money you spend?

Family-oriented attractions

This is somewhat of an open secret among those who spend a huge chunk of their lives in different parts of the country and of the world for that matter. Having a look at exactly where the family-oriented attractions are in a specific area is a great indicator of the value you’d get out of long-term lodging in the available serviced apartments.

Start around shopping centers like family-oriented malls, restaurants that clearly cater to the whole family (like those with toddler play-areas), art galleries, and attractions such as zoological gardens. Then simply search for long-term serviced apartment options within a radius of at least a 10-minute drive and you’ll almost certainly come across the absolute best in serviced apartments. The details of exactly why this works would take an entirely separate book to write, so the important thing is that it works very effectively.

Location of the serviced apartment

The location obviously then makes for one of these details which makes the method of searching around family-oriented attractions effective in sniffing out the best serviced apartments for longer-term rent. It’s worth exploring a little closer though because there will naturally be some instances in which you’re seeking long-term accommodation in places that aren’t by any stretch of the imagination meant for families.

In this case, then it’s important to take cues from realities such as student accommodation, the type of place you’re looking to stay in (is it the CBD, a quieter area, etc?), and whether or not you will need to be able to get around much.

Usually, two or three smaller streets from the main roads are perfect, because you’re close enough to public transport, if you need it, while likely enjoying some kind of serenity and peace in what more of a residential area.

You would not be doing yourself any favours, for instance, if you wanted some peace and quiet but you’re looking for a serviced apartment for long term rent in a university town, particularly in an area popular with students.

Services offered

For longer-term stays, a serviced apartment needs to offer pretty much all the comforts of home. You’ll likely want to be able to do laundry on-site, cook if you need to, have access to parking (even if you’ll only use it to host your visitors), be able to come and go as you please and be able to stay indoors very comfortably for as long as you might need to.


The price factor only really needs to balance out with the value you get, for example, it would make sense to pay a little more for a bigger, more comfortable room if you’re going to be staying indoors more often than you go out.