What clothing is best for Crossfit?

What clothing is best for Crossfit?

There are many benefits to crossfit, as studies have shown numerous physical and social positive effects of training this way. Physically, it can increase lean muscle mass, ramp up fat loss and boost your motivation to work out. Furthermore, a major component of the sport is the group aspect within which it takes place, as often there are a number of people doing the same exercises and have dedicated classes often led by a gym or personal trainer.

This can serve as a positive community aspect for many participants, as often when we are working out with others it can help stimulate and motivate us to either keep up or push ourselves further when we see friends or colleagues giving it their all as well. It may be viewed as slightly cult-like, but this all depends on the individual and what they prefer when it comes to working out, either in a larger group setting or a smaller group and individually.

Crossfit training covers a wide variety of different exercises and can be tough, but crossfit clothing should be adaptable and breathable so it’s ready for explosive movement that won’t slow you down. Whether it’s anything from burpees and push ups to box jumps, you’ll be putting your max power to the test as fast and intense as you can. This blog will go through what crossfit clothing is best for you from head to toe, as your outfit is just as important as remembering that bottle of water! So keep on reading to find out more.

Crossfit Clothing – the essentials

When it comes to gym clothes in general, the best place to start is with the trainers. Crossfit clothing like trainers need to give the individual a good solid base for them to be able to perform to the optimum. Ideally, they need to be lightweight and agile but absorb impact for any lateral movement. Being lightweight means crossfit clothing such as this won’t weigh you down and allow you to keep going for longer. Also if they are breathable this would help in a similar vein as this would stop sweat build up as much to slow you down.

Crossfit clothing needs to keep up with your every need, as you’ll be sweating a lot as you’re working hard, so a breathable t-shirt or even tank top is another essential for you to work to your best. The priority to finding the right fit for you is that it keeps you cool and dry whilst allowing you to move freely as you perform different exercises back-to-back. So any lightweight breathable fabric is ideal for serving this purpose and nothing that’s too tight and hugs you, crossfit clothing whilst you may want to look good as you workout, shouldn’t be prioritised over practicality.

This also goes for your shorts or tights like the trainers and top, are breathable and allow you to move freely. Flexibility is the key for the best crossfit clothing that adapts to you and isn’t restrictive of how far you can push yourself. Furthermore your socks as well, these are the basic essentials for your crossfit clothing to get the most out of your outfit.