What Are Halo Engagement Rings?

What Are Halo Engagement Rings?

For anyone who loves big diamond engagement rings, the halon style is what you’re looking for. This is the type of engagement ring that zeroes in on the centerpiece, which is the diamond. The wonderful thing about this style is that there are so many ways that you can personalize it. 

What types of halo engagement rings should you go for? How can you customize your halo engagement rings? Are halo engagement ring styles expensive?

Once you’ve decided on the diamond to use, the next step is deciding on the ring style. Halo engagement rings can bring a lot of flavor to the table. Read more below to see what this style can offer. 

Entering the Halo Craze

The halo engagement ring style seems to be rising in popularity. Owing to its classic allure, to-be brides may want to get one made with the help of jewelers like Sol Diamonds Houston or elsewhere. Halo rings have a center stone that is encircled by pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. The smaller diamonds are arranged in such a way (a cluster) that they highlight the big rock in the middle.

  • The Plain Shank Style

This is the classic halo engagement ring design. A polish band goes around to meet the center diamond and the halo. This gives your center stone all the attention that it should have.

  • The Pave Halo Style

This is another halo engagement ring style that is gaining popularity.  The setting has its centerpiece stone adorned with extra accent diamonds. The accent diamonds go partway down the ring’s shank which adds to its elegance. This style shows glamour and at the same time timelessness.

  • The Split Shank Style

This type of halo engagement ring style is out to impress. The settings give way for more diamonds to shine and shimmer. The ring’s band splits into two as it approaches the center stone and halo. This gives the illusion that the stone is being supported by two bands. The smaller gems on the split band always attract attention and is a sure scene-stealer.

  • The Double Halo Style

If one halo isn’t enough, then why not add two? This is the ring style for brides who want to put more accent into their center stone. This is also one of the best styles that can help you save money. Even though it has twice the halo, the smaller diamonds will cost less than a bigger center stone. This is the best style to go when you want your center stone to appear bigger and still save money.

How Can You Save With the Hale Engagement Ring Style?

Halo engagement ring styles are perfect for making your center stone appear larger. For couples who don’t want to splurge on the center stone, but still want it to steal the show, the halo style saves the day. Imagine the hundreds of dollars that stay on your savings. You can always stay practical but still have the best design, with the halo engagement ring style.