Vital facts you need to know on e-liquids  Increase your knowledge on vaping

Vital facts you need to know on e-liquids Increase your knowledge on vaping

You can either call it vape juice or e-liquid or e-juice but they all will mean the same thing which is the liquid that has been used in electronic cigarettes. All these refer to the liquid substance that is added within the vape pen which is not smoke but is vaporized into the lungs when the person inhales the vaporizer. You may not know that e-liquids usually come in various flavors and they often carry different types of ingredients depending on the impact that you wish to achieve while the liquid is being used. However, before you purchase e-liquids, you require understanding the categories and how they function to influence your satisfaction and influence.

Facts to know on e-liquids

PG/VG Which one is perfect for you?

The average e-liquid has 2 different key ingredients, VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). The liquid that you choose will decide the amount of throat hit and besides this, the concentration of the elements will determine your experience. If you choose Propylene Glycol, this will give you a hard hit on your throat which is similar to what you actually get with a normal cigarette. The cloud is also smaller and thinner. VG or Vegetable Glycerin produces a bigger cloud and more vapors and the hit is also smoother. This is why it is mostly used in non-tobacco based flavors including fruit flavors.

Is there an allergy related to Propylene Glycol?

There are many people who complain of facing allergic reactions while they utilize the e-juices which contain high level of PG. This kind of reaction is demonstrated through a typical burning feeling that is felt in the throat while they vape and they also feel tightness in their chest and headaches. In case youre allergic, you should switch to those liquids which have higher ratio of vegetable glycerin in your e-juices.

How does VG have an impact on coils?

E-liquids which contain a higher proportion of VG can require more cleaning due to the reasons that it has got more viscosity and might form a gunk. This later on leads to build-up. You would require engaging in regular cleaning if the e-liquid contains higher ratio of VG as compared to PG.

By now, you must have read about the review on the best tobacco e-liquids but if youre still wondering how much nicotine content is good enough for you, you have to determine that according to the throat hit that you desire.