Vaping Tips for Frequent Users: 3 Best Practices for Your Health 

Vaping Tips for Frequent Users: 3 Best Practices for Your Health 

Like with most things – exercise, cooking, etc – there’s a wrong way and a right way to vape, particularly for health reasons. 

In fact, if you vape a lot, it’s easy to get complacent and so here are 3 best practice reminders. 

Choose Quality E-Liquids

High-quality e-liquid means nuanced flavour profiles and minimal coil gunk buildup so that you get both satisfaction and safety. Really, it’s a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience overall, especially if you have refined tastes

You want to use your knowledge of flavour profiles to buy vape juice from reputable brands with transparent manufacturing processes; the ones that have third-party lab testing for purity and consistency.

It’s a good idea to explore online vaping communities and reviews for insights and to find hidden gems in the market. 

Mind Your Coil

Coils are a big part of the vapour production process and regular maintenance is how you get flavours that hit just right, in the right doses. 

Plus, you want your vape to last longer. 

You want to check for signs of wear and tear – such as discoloration, flavour muting, or uneven heating – and pick up thorough cleaning techniques. For example, it’s a good idea to soak coils in warm water, or else invest in a specialised cleaning solution to get out residue. Also, experiment with different coil materials (e.g., kanthal, stainless steel, nickel) and configurations (e.g., single coil, dual coil, mesh coil) to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences and device capabilities.

In fact, if you’re using vaping to help you temper more dangerous smoking habits, why not keep spare coils on hand to replace worn-out or malfunctioning ones so that there’s less downtime? 

Opt for Lower Temperature Settings

Generally, lower temperature settings mean reduced exposure to potentially harmful compounds and so you want to explore temperature control features on advanced vaping devices and fine-tune settings to your preferences and vaping style. Start by lowering temperature settings within your device’s capabilities and gradually adjust them to find the optimal balance between flavour richness and safety. 

And it’s a good idea to experiment with different temperature profiles for different e-liquid flavours; adjusting wattage, preheat settings, and temperature curves. 

If you’re using a temperature control mod, try setting the temperature slightly lower than what you’re used to, take a few puffs and see how the flavour compares to your usual settings. If it’s still satisfying, try lowering the temperature a bit more. Keep experimenting until you find that sweet spot where the flavour really pops without sacrificing the smoothness of the vapour, and your health

Taking care to only use quality e-liquids, keeping your coil in good working condition and opting for lower temperature settings are all right ways to vape. Really, consider these tips.