Vaping Etiquette – the Dos and Don’ts of Vaping

Vaping Etiquette – the Dos and Don’ts of Vaping

Congratulations, you’ve decided to give up smoking in exchange for a less harmful habit! But transitioning from the world of smoking into the world of vaping can be daunting. Sure, you’re familiar with the dos and don’ts of smoking, people have smoked for hundreds of years! Vaping on the other hand is very new in comparison. So if you’re feeling a little unsure as to whether or not you’re vaping habits are that of ‘acceptable’ formality, then fear not, our vaping etiquette guide will steer you on the right track. 

Do Ask Others if They Mind you Vaping Around Them

Unlike smoking, the dangers of ‘second hand vaping’ are still within early research stages. Although the research thus far will have us believe it is far harmful than second hand smoke. Vapour also produces a far more pleasant odour than cigarette smoke. Having said that, it is still important to be considerate of those around you and politely ask if they do mind you vaping around them, particular in indoor settings.

Don’t Vape around Children and Pets

As mentioned above, research into second hand vapour is still fairly new and the risks are not yet clear. Be considerate of those who cannot speak up for themselves like children and animals and don’t vape when they are near.

Do Gradually Reduce Your Niccotine Intake

Heavy smokers like to start on a high nicotine level within their e liquids and gradually reduce this over time. Niccotine is a highly addictive substance but by gradually reducing your intake, you can essentially ‘wean’ yourself off it with little difficulty. If you are using e cigarettes as a means to stop smoking, consult your doctor for more guidance

Some new vapers have never smoked and therefore like very little or no nicotine in their vapes. If you are a new vaper and someone who has never smoked, be mindful about nicotine intake and try not to increase the nicotine dose within your e liquid. If you want to avoid nicotine completely, you can also give a shot to vaping cannabis. By using concentrates like rosin, which can be made at home with a diy rosin press, you can enjoy a nicotine-free vaping session, and even explore the cannabis compound THC as you go.

Don’t Vape and Smoke

Vaping was originally designed as a means to stop smoking and many people do so successfully with little difficulty. However, if you have picked up vaping as a means to stop smoking, yet you still haven’t put down the cigarettes, you may need a little extra support in your quitting journey. E cigarettes are excellent tools for stopping smoking, but for some they may not be enough alone.