Types of Travel Insurance Policy you can get

Types of Travel Insurance Policy you can get

There are a lot of risks that are associated with travel insurance. This is why you should plan to take up one or more insurance policies when you are traveling. Before you do this, you might first of all want to confirm what your current insurance covers when you are on a trip. You can then make provisions to cover for other emergencies that could happen.

Life insurance
Travel life insurance entails taking a life insurance policy, however, just only when you are on the trip and the type of death is covered in your policy. There are 3 major types of travel life insurance. The common carrier travel life insurance covers you when you die or get disabled only when you were in a means of public transport when the accident occurred. The air flight accident travel life insurance covers you only if you died while you were on a plane during your travel. The accidental death travel life insurance covers you when you die during your trip, irrespective of the type of death. However, only a few insurance companies cover accidental death travel life insurance. You can read reviews about AXA travel insurance to know the type of life insurance you can benefit from their travel insurance policies.

Personal items and baggage loss
Another type of travel insurance policy you might want to opt for is personal items and baggage loss. If you lost some or all of your property during your trip, this insurance policy would aid you in replacing them. It also covers for damaged or stolen properties as well. However, if you have personal items worth more than 1,000 dollars, such as a camera or laptop, you could list them in your business or homeowner’s policy.

Evacuation insurance
Travel medical insurance policies do not cover the expenses for moving you from where you are to the place where you can get treatment in the case of a medical emergency. This insurance policy could cover that part of your expenses. This insurance policy also covers cases where it is not a medical emergency but you need to be moved from a dangerous place to a safe place in the event of a crisis.

Medical insurance
Before opting for this insurance policy, you should check what your medical insurance covers if you already have one. In most cases, your medical insurance should cover you even when on a trip. There are, however, instances where you might not be covered or you are traveling to some high-risk countries that the USA State Department has warned about. When you go to high-risk countries, your normal medical insurance might not cover you. Thus, you can take a travel medical insurance policy that will cover this case.

Trip interruption or cancellation insurance
If your trip is suddenly interrupted or canceled, the insurance policy will pay you compensation for the other parts of the trip you had to forfeit. Your trip could be interrupted or canceled because of terrorism, natural disasters, or medical emergencies.