Top 2 Non-Surgical Methods in Solving Hair Loss

Top 2 Non-Surgical Methods in Solving Hair Loss

Are you having problems because you’re losing your hair frequently? How about thinning hair caused by harsh chemicals or getting too much stress because of an unhealthy lifestyle? Well, if all your answers are yes, then it’s time for you to consult with the hair specialist.


There are many hair treatments available in the market today that can help you reduce hair loss. A hair transplant, for instance, will give you the best result for any hair loss problem. However, they are quite expensive and cannot be afforded by many of us.


However, there are new hair treatments today that can help to regrow your thin and weak hair. These hair treatments will give you better hair looks and don’t need to undergo certain operations. 


Today, we’re going to discuss Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). These are non-surgical hair loss treatments that allow you to solve your hair loss problem without spending too much money on your pocket. So, let’s get started without further ado.

2 Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment


Here are the two most common non-surgical hair loss treatments today that can help you improve your hair. These are PRP and LLLT:

  1. Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP


PRP hair loss treatment is a process that segregates the platelet from your blood. Experts believe that platelets are formulated with unique proteins that can aid growth factors and healing.


To do this PRP procedure, your hair specialist will take out some of your blood. Next, they will use specialized equipment called a PRP centrifuge that separates platelets from your blood. 


Once they collect the platelets, they will use these platelets to regrow your hair. With the aid of a small needle, they will inject the PRP into the patient’s scalp. Once the PRP is implanted into your scalp, it will help create or formulate new hair follicles.


Once the procedure is done, your hair will start to regrow and will create thicker and fuller than before. You need to continue these treatments every six months for better results.

  1. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


LLLT is another type of light hair therapy that helps you lessen your hair loss problem. It helps to boost cell production that allows your hair follicles to grow faster.


Low-level laser therapy doesn’t burn your scalp or tissues. Its main job is to increase the blood flow to your hair follicles. As such, it enables the nutrients to pass on your hair to become stronger and thicker. 


Within six months after the LLLT procedure, you will notice that your hair will start to regrow, and it will look thicker than before. However, LLLT is ineffective if you’re entirely bald.

Bottom Line


Both LLLT and PRP hair loss treatment are non-surgical procedures that help you reduce hair loss problems. It offers better results compared to natural home remedies when we speak about hair treatment.


However, if your hair problem is already severe, we highly recommend that you look for a hair surgeon. They will provide expert advice on whether they will consider the hair mentioned above treatment or go for an advanced hair transplant. Whatever the procedure, all of them will yield the same results, which is to bring back your youthful looks.