The Role of Socks in Fashion

The Role of Socks in Fashion

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In my case, as I realised that I don’t even have to take the time to match the socks I’ll be wearing to keep my feet warm while taking a punt, just how big a role even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant garments play in fashion. Imagine how much we go through trying to keep in line with the dress code of physical casino establishments when we place great emphasis on the mere socks we wear!

Even if I’ll be enjoying all the casino fun indoors for a change, I cannot help but want to explore the role of socks in fashion.

It used to be that socks were worn purely to serve as a comfort buffer for trainers and the like, or even to prevent that notorious smelly-feet syndrome, but recent fashion trends correctly suggest that socks are very quickly coming out of their hiding place to command a more dominant role across the world of fashion.

While more and more attention is being visibly drawn to socks as more of a fashionable pair of garments, the sales numbers tied to the sock industry make for the mathematical evidence to back up this observation. In the United States alone, expenditure on socks has tipped the $4 billion mark and this applies only to one 12-month period.

The growing role of socks in the bigger picture of fashion is further attested to by even the most polished of Wall Street businessmen who occasionally flash a pair of wacky socks, but perhaps the ultimate indicator for the ever-growing role of socks in fashion resides on the most exclusive of fashion runways. In fact, some of the trendiest outfits of today’s fashion scene are entirely dependent on various sock designs to “work”, such as the growingly popular hand sewn-variations that go well with denim shorts and short dresses/skirts.

Pretty much all of the latest and trendiest outfits can only be “balanced out” by the addition of some or other complementary pair of socks, which in some instances go as far as making or breaking the entire outfit.

They are very simple garments with production origins aimed more at comfort and functionality than fashion sense and trendiness, but socks have grown into their own as one of the leading fashion focal points, with the variations in design only limited by the imagination.

Testimony to this is the popping up of numerous specialist outlets which focus exclusively on socks.