The Benefits of Wearing Sailing Wetsuits on the Water

The Benefits of Wearing Sailing Wetsuits on the Water

When you think of heading to the beach and spending a day on the water, you probably think of bikinis, swim trunks, and other casual wear. A wetsuit certainly isn’t on most people’s shortlist of gear.

That’s unfortunate, because sailing wetsuits offer several benefits to anyone participating in aquatic activities, and some of them are potentially lifesaving.

If you’re a little hesitant to slip into a sailing wetsuit this summer, take a minute to read this list of benefits and reconsider. It might not be stylish, but it’s extremely helpful.

1: Warmth

Even on a warm summer day, ocean water can be cold enough to send you into shock after prolonged exposure. At night, the water temperature can kill you in minutes. A sailing wetsuit insulates your body and helps you retain body heat even in cold water.

Of course, it isn’t always a life-or-death situation. Most of the time, it’s just more comfortable, and you’ll have an easier time doing whatever activity you’re doing.

2: Buoyancy

Do you ever feel like you burn out faster than you should while swimming? Well, a sailing wetsuit can help with that.

When you swim in a swimsuit, your outfit doesn’t do anything for you besides weighing you down slightly. This means that your body is doing all of the work. When you factor in water resistance and the weight of your swimsuit, it’s no wonder you get tired quickly.

A sailing wetsuit makes you more buoyant. This helps you float without having to exert energy, and it removes half the struggle of swimming.

3: Faster Movement

Your body is fairly aerodynamic in the water, but your clothes mess with that a bit. They don’t conform to your natural curves properly, and they add resistance while you’re swimming. While you may look like you’re wearing a hotdog casing when you wear a sailing wetsuit, there’s a reason for that; it matches your natural shape.

This allows you to cut through the water the same way dolphins and other high-speed aquatic animals do, because you won’t have any excess resistance slowing you down.

4: Swim Longer. Swim Farther

The added buoyancy and aerodynamics provided by a wetsuit come with a bonus: You’ll have increased stamina. At least, the stamina you naturally have will get you better results.

Since buoyancy helps you reserve energy by not having to keep yourself afloat, and aerodynamics helps you cut through the water faster, the energy you do exert will not only seem to last longer, but it will take you longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

5: Look Professional

Sailing wetsuits may not be featured on any top model runways, but they are professional equipment. Even if it’s your first time snorkeling or diving, wearing a wetsuit will instantly make you look the part. So, they’re a little more fashionable than you may think.