Spotting the Signs of Different Conditions UK

Spotting the Signs of Different Conditions UK

Health conditions have always been one of our main concerns and their impact on our lives increases as we age. Luckily, a majority of health issues can be detected at an early age. Thus, stairlift manufacturer, Acorn Stairlifts, has undertaken the task of informing the elderly so they can manage their conditions before they become out of control.

Breast Cancer

The most prevalent type of cancer in the UK affects more than 50,000 people in a year. You must check for a lump around your breast area. You must also take notice of any pain in the region and marks on the skin of the breasts. A bloody discharge from the nipple or change in its appearance is a red signal. Do not ignore the formation of a lump in your armpits either.

Prostate cancer

It is the most common cancer among men in the UK. However, immediate treatment is not necessary, yet the doctor will advise you to look out for more symptoms. Cases in early stages can be treated with radiotherapy or through surgical removal technique.

But early symptoms are mostly seen in cases where cancer has developed near the urethra. In cases where the issue has spread in other parts, a patient may develop pain in the hips and back.


You might be shocked to know that the UK is home to around 10 million people suffering from arthritis. Although there are no cures for the condition, yet treatments can slow down the degeneration.

Symptoms of such a condition are unexplained fatigue, morning stiffness and mild inflammation in joints. You might also experience a decreased range of motion in regular activities.


The weakening of bones often leads to fragility fractures, but fortunately, the conditions develop over a long period. You must never ignore a sudden back pain while bending. Breaches at minor incidents like falling down or from sprains is a signal of fragile bones. See your doctor as soon as possible before anything significant happens.


As per, almost 3.5 million have diabetes in the UK with the majority of the patients from the older generation. The common symptoms to look out for are sudden thirst, weight loss and the reappearing need for urination. Moreover, you might also experience blurred vision, fatigue, and unhealed wounds.


Dementia can be marked as a serious condition as a new case is registered every three minutes in the UK. As there is no cure for the condition, one has to be pretty sure about its treatment in the early stages.

Memory loss and difficulty in concentration are two common signs of the problem. People also suffer from confusion in daily tasks and struggle to come up with words in a conversation. Mood changes are also part of the conditions, and you should even know about the symptoms of Alzheimer.