Some of the key advantages of using organic cotton bags in your retail store

Some of the key advantages of using organic cotton bags in your retail store

Getting your branding across through physical aspects like bags and ‘freebies’ is a good way to get your business in front of new potential customers in a cost-effective way.

However, with public opinion on plastic products quickly turning sower many businesses are trying to find more environmentally friendly products to put their branding on. A popular choice for this is the humble organic cotton bag. Keep reading to discover some of the key advantages your business will experience by adopting branded organic cotton bags.

1. Your brand will be viewed as more sustainable

In the past businesses could get away with being a poor environmental image if they were providing the cheapest option on the market, however, the times are changing. Research suggests more consumers now than ever are considering the long term sustainability of the brands that they buy from, both in terms of climate change and waste pollution.

Considering this, one of the key ways you can immediately boost your brand’s green image is through providing organic cotton bags. These reusable products produce better printed logos than single-use plastic ones which are great for brand recognition.

2. you will pass on your savings to your customer

The second way organic cotton bags benefit your store is through cost savings, both for you and the customer. If someone buys a product from your store repeatedly over the year and takes a plastic bag on each purchase, this is an ongoing cost from them (as they have to buy it) and you (as you have to provide it). Introducing an organic cotton bag will allow the relationship to continue without the need to constantly provide a new plastic bag.

3. They reduce your store’s carbon footprint

Not only do plastic bags cause a lot of unnecessary physical pollution to the environment, but they also are a big contributor to the release of greenhouse gases. If you introduced organic cotton bags not only would you be supporting a developing industry in underdeveloped parts of the world, you would also be cutting your businesses emissions through avoiding unnecessary plastic products.

Finding the right organic cotton bag for your shop

There are a lot of poor quality cotton bags on the market today with providers who may not be able to deliver to you in the correct quality or timeframe. To overcome this we recommend taking your time to find a cotton bag manufacturer with experience creating the right product for clients in a variety of different industries.