Sneaky ways to eat your Protein

We all know that we should be getting a good portion of protein every day, and to make sure of that more and more people are turning to Protein shakes as a quick fix for breakfast or post/pre work out. What if you dont like them though or you just fancy a change?

Weve put together a list of sneaky ways to get your protein fix that dont require blending it in a cup.

Protein Pancakes

Pancakes arent just for Shrove Tuesday, use the powder in a super quick pancake batter and feel virtuous in your decadence.

For extra brownie points, avoid the chocolate chips or syrup and top them with fresh fruit, seeds and Greek yoghurt.

Protein Energy Bites

No baking required, blitz up seeds, nuts, nut butters and your powder with a host of other delicious things to make little energy bites. Small enough to feel like a treat but powerful enough to pack a nutritional punch.


Add a scoop or two when you make your porridge, this will work for overnight oats too! Just make sure to adjust the quantity of liquid to take into account the powder! Sprinkle with dried or fresh fruit to sweeten the deal. Make this vegan by using a lactose free milk like Soy or Almond.


Fresh fruit mashed up instead of eggs, your favourite flavour of protein powder, flour and baking powder. This makes a great simple and healthy cookie. You can find lots of recipes that use all different flavours, like peanut butter, chocolate and spices.

What about if you dont want something sweet though? Are you just out of luck?

Heck no, we have you covered here too!


Whatever homemade delight you would normally make can be bulked up with a few scoops of unflavoured protein powder. Pour your powerhouse soup into a thermal mug for an on the go warming and filling meal.


Make this with meat, or veggies all the way to really give you a dose of clean protein. Simply add your unflavoured powder to the mix before cooking and it makes your burgers practically a health food!


You read that right, savory muffins! Flour, protein, baking flour and your choice of milk (this is your chance to make it Vegan)combine with cheese, spices, herbs, bacon (not so Vegan) to make incredible little savoury muffins. Perfect to go with your soup, or a mid afternoon snack.

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