Save Time by Lessening Beauty Routines

Save Time by Lessening Beauty Routines

Even if people are praising the so-called ‘natural look,’ no natural look is really without effort. There’s the rigorous skincare to protect your skin from the sun, toxins, and dust and all other efforts to ensure the natural beauty isn’t spoiled by the daily grind.

And then there are, of course, the natural beauty enhancers that are supposed to highlight the qualities we already possess. Neither are these easy procedures. There’s the shaping of the brows, the styling of the hair, and applying some light makeup that highlights your best features.

Thankfully, we have been given some shortcuts in these never-ending beauty routines. Even if they just save us a few minutes per day, they are a big help in lessening the efforts we need to exert to look presentable.

Hair removal

Body hair, at one point in the history of mankind, became unsightly on women. Despite the natural existence of body hair, and even if it has a biological purpose for existing, it has to go, especially when wearing clothes that would expose the armpits and the legs. And so, razor blades became essential to both men and women. But the smoothness from shaving could be assured for only two to four days. The effort is too much for a short-term outcome.

Fortunately, beauty centers started to offer permanent hair removal laser treatment. It’s not as painful as waxing, and its effect is long-lasting. It may be the most expensive method of hair removal, but it will be worth it. If you are worried about the costs, think of the savings you get from those razor blades and wax kits you would no longer need, plus the time and effort you stop wasting on body hair.

Semi-permanent lashes

We read about lashes that would fan the cheeks and perfectly frame the eyes in magazines and novels too much. Unfortunately, it’s the males who naturally have longer lashes.

Lash curlers and mascara could easily remedy this. Fake lashes have also become accepted for daily wear, and there are several ways of applying it conveniently. But the process of highlighting the eye takes too much time, perhaps the most time, in our beautification routine. This could be lessened with the application of semi-permanent lashes. Depending on the quality, these fake lashes could last for one to two months.

Brow threading

The perfect brows could make or break your look. While people are still divided as to the extent of what you can do with your brows to still claim a natural look, everyone agrees the shape of your brows serves as the frame for your face.

A lot of time is thus dedicated to this crucial process of shaping, removing, augmenting the brows. A shortcut for this is brow threading. Some women prefer to completely have their brows removed and have another one tattooed on. But that would be difficult as you age since your skin will eventually sag and get deformed. Brow threading is more painful than shaving, but it would last longer since the hair follicle is plucked out instead of just being cut.

Gel nail polish

The nails hog a lot of our time. They take at least an hour to do, and the polish lasts for maybe five days to a week. With the introduction of gel polish, the need to redo our nails has been reduced to at least once a month. Although the application process takes longer, since the coating will also last three times longer than regular nail polish, you don’t have to take that trip to the nail salon that often.

No-fuss hairstyles

A short haircut is hassle-free. But not everyone wants to go this route. It may be because of all those shampoo commercials, or maybe it’s because of the innate association of healthy hair with reproductive attractiveness, but whatever the reason, a lot of women still prefer long, luscious hair.

Curling is one option to consider. No extensive brushing is required. The layered hairstyle also lets you get away with the uncombed look, as long as your hair is not the kind that gets tangled a lot or sticks in different directions. For women who resort to wigs because of some medical problems, you could look into getting a hair implant. It will not only lessen your preparation time but will also give assurance that it doesn’t shift while you go through your day.

Beauty is such a fickle concept. But whatever the changes in its perception, the need to feel admired persists. Even if we convince ourselves that beauty is not everything, it’s the first basis of people’s reactions to us. That is why we take the time to look our best. But don’t let it take too much of your time. After all, it’s still not the sole purpose of our lives.