Pandemic Weddings: Planning Your Rescheduled Wedding in 2021

Pandemic Weddings: Planning Your Rescheduled Wedding in 2021

They say that every woman’s dream is to marry the person of her dreams. And every woman’s nightmare is to cancel her wedding.

At least until after the pandemic.

The pandemic did not only see people getting sick, workers losing jobs, businesses closing down. It also saw plans being canceled and events getting postponed. Among these are weddings. And nothing is more heartbreaking for brides-to-be than to see their supposedly happiest day being set aside.

And now that vaccinations have been rolling out and restrictions are being lifted, many couples are already pushing for their wedding plans. And while ceremonies and celebrations are not as grand as during the pre-pandemic days, the bride and groom should still make this day memorable.

Especially bride. Because as they say, wedding days are for the bride.

Wedding postponements are costly and stressful

According to the 2020 American Wedding Study, 66% of couples-to-be had no choice but to postpone their wedding because of COVID-19. Meanwhile, 81% of the respondents had to adjust their plans and expectations for the wedding. Almost half of the couple respondents had plans to trim down their guest list, while 26% decided they’d go all out and spend more on their wedding once the pandemic was over.

Meanwhile, in Europe, more than 200 couples whose weddings were canceled last year said that they spent an average of13,266 for their new wedding plans. These changes in the ceremony and the celebration were due to the pandemic.

With this, 67% of the couples said that the amount they had to spend for these rearrangements made it harder for them to accomplish other goals. And because of this, three out of four couples said it was stressful, and some even admitted that it caused problems within their relationship.

Will all the stress and problems couples had to go through, they deserve nothing but an even more special wedding day in 2021.

How to make it even more special?

If you are part of the couple population who had to postpone their weddings last year, good news for you! You can now push through with your wedding plans! But, you might have to think about your new plans. Do you want to go all out in spending for your celebration? Or would you want to save as much as possible for your new house or new furniture at home now that you’re about to begin your married life? Or you might want to spend money on pampering yourself and preparing for the big wedding day?

The decision is all yours. But, here we are with a few suggestions on how you can make your wedding day even more special:

  • Be your best beautiful self on the wedding day.

You’ve waited so long for your wedding. You deserve to be your stunning self on the day you say yes to your husband-to-be. Get that body beautiful you’ve always dreamed of for that wedding gown! You want to try that famous non-surgical liposuction treatment called the i.Lipo Body Shaping Laser? Go, get it!

Go for that luxurious facial treatments weeks before the wedding so you’d shine bright when you walk down the aisle! And of course, get that body massage days before your big day so you’d have the beauty rest that you deserve after being a bridezilla during the wedding preparations. It’s your big day, and you deserve it.

  • Go all out on your honeymoon.

Some couples would prefer having a small wedding celebration with their closest friends but having a grand honeymoon. You might want to make it more special by traveling to beautiful destinations, especially now that some borders are already opening. You and your new husband can enjoy the beach or stay in a luxury hotel for days, and you’d get the honeymoon of your dreams!

  • Make your wedding reception extravagant.

It’s your choice, why not? Since you are trimming your guest list anyway, you might want to spend money on your wedding celebration. Get that band you’ve always loved. Be as elegant and luxurious in your table setting as you want. Upgrade your catering services and choose only the finest menu.

You’re celebrating with only a few guests, so make the day memorable. If you want to have some kind of keepsake or memento from the wedding, you can set up a table with a guest book where all your guests will write lovely comments, leave blessings, or even share the best moments from the wedding. You can first take a look at the range of guest books from Loom Weddings or similar businesses before finalizing one that coordinates with your wedding theme. You may even get an option of customizing it with features like engraved wedding couple’s name in golden calligraphy, multiple sizes, matt or smooth finishes, etc.

After going through all the hassle of replanning the wedding after the pandemic, you deserve the best wedding. So, make it as grand as it can be.

It is your wedding, and you get to decide. Do whatever makes your heart happy. Go for whatever your heart desires. Just bear in mind that you’ve long waited for this, and now, it’s happening. You will be married and have the best time of your life. It’s just the beginning of your happy ending.