Outdoor Photography Tips

Outdoor Photography Tips

The easiest ways to incorporate fresh autumn foliage into your photography is to simply see what the other photographers are doing out there on the lake or in the field of trees. There are many articles and videos about photography from our community of outdoor photographers that will show you a few unique ideas that you can use in your photography.

Stay Cool Out There

You can always take photos in a cool room or with a cool camera, but it isn’t always easy to capture good outdoor photos in a cool climate. Usually, there are clouds and, therefore, shadows in your photos that can reduce exposure and make your pictures look darker. Always think about the conditions and see what you can do to fix this problem. Sometimes, the solution is simply to move to another location if you can and the clouds will move out of your photos. Another good reason to stay out there when you’re photographing is that, although we might have a good camera and we might have a good photographer, the weather won’t cooperate with you and your shot. The cooler it is outside, the better the photos will be. It’s also good to stay out there because it’s usually a more scenic place and there will be less noise and other inconsistencies in your photos. Even though your photos may look like they’re outdoors, this is usually because the photographer is taking them inside in an indoor room. The natural light in our outdoors can be more subtle and we want the full effect for the photos. If you see something interesting to photograph, go for it and, as long as you’re staying cool, you’ll probably be doing just fine!

Hunters Use Interesting Places

Just as hunters use interesting places to photograph their trophy animals, outdoor photographers use different locations to capture interesting photos. Some photographers might find something unique that other photographers aren’t going to use. Check our other articles for more ideas and inspiration.

Places That Require Rest

Some places are just too busy to photograph outdoors and you have to wait for the lighting to look good. Use your own intuition and decide what places you think look best. If you see a long and dark road and it looks like someone stopped, it might not be good to photograph. Check your surroundings to see what, if anything, will improve the lighting. If there’s an interesting tree or bush or even a rock or tree trunk that looks like it has just enough light coming through to capture a good photo, this may be the place to shoot. Just be sure you’re seeing the right things and that the area isn’t too crowded. If there are too many people and they’re not moving around, the light will have stopped and it might not be so interesting anymore. A cooler environment will usually improve the lighting if you’re in a busy place, but you can also shoot in a more natural environment by sitting somewhere where it’s cooler and you’re usually sitting down.

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