My Sisters Keeper – the glue that holds the family together

My Sisters Keeper – the glue that holds the family together

Every family has that one person who just naturally has a knack for bringing everybody together somehow and youll be lucky if in your family you have more than one such blessed soul. If you cant quite put your finger on who that person is, taking into account your extended family and those relatives with whom youre not regularly in touch, you may very well be that designated glue that holds your family together. Its time to step into your greatness and take up your rightful position, with the effects thereof likely to be met with some feelings of awkwardness and pure joy. Thats how youll know youre doing it right!

Being the catalyst for the construction of your familys support structure

Truthfully speaking, you may not really know just how deep the impact of taking your time to get everybody together has on relatives who may be suffering silently on their own, with no outlet to connect to those strong family bonds we all wish we had. Those of us who are lucky to still have these bridges to our family members intact should take full advantage of every opportunity to maintain them, or perhaps even rebuild or repair them in the case that they may have been slightly damaged.

After all, family is all you have and you may be the only family that someone youre related to is in dire need of, if only for the emotional support.

Have you ever noticed how mending seemingly broken bridges often just takes one phone call, or even a text these days, or how some family members who have had a huge falling out seem to forget everything and move on in love, when everybody else is present at a special occasion? Sometimes thats all thats needed merely re-establishing communication channels.

Being proactive about maintaining family bonds

Dont wait until theres a special occasion to try and get everybody together. If youre not yourself the identified glue that holds the family together, at least now the idea is planted in your head. What you can do is make an effort by perhaps organising an event which doesnt necessarily celebrate anything in particular. Invite everybody along, making use of the all-inclusive catering Sydney has on offer so that you can join in on all the fun and not have to run around the whole time making sure everything is in order.

If you have to put a tag on the event, simply call it the celebration of life and of surviving family bonds.

This is a particularly powerful initiative to take when there are no problems to have to deal with and your reason for wanting to bring everybody together is merely so that everybody can spend some quality time with each other. Otherwise you could also hit up whomever it is you have identified as the familys keeper, if it isnt you, suggesting to them that perhaps its time to hold a barbie or whatever other intimate, social family event you can dream up.

Heaven knows we need more of these types of interactions in the age where our mobile phones create the illusion that were always within reach.