More Illnesses to Deal with – addressing some of the perils of evolution

More Illnesses to Deal with – addressing some of the perils of evolution

The thing about studying data around the ever-evolving medical field is that there are so many different ways of conducting the study and even more ways of interpreting those data. For example, the general belief, which is every bit as justified, is that we have more illnesses to have to deal with as one of the prices we have to pay for going through the evolutionary process and perhaps speeding it up through our development of a treatment-based medical industry.

There was perhaps no such thing as addiction to pain-killers back in the days of our ancestors, for instance and the growth and expansion of anything close to the equivalent of the medical industry wasnt geared towards profiting off of chronic treatment as opposed to cure. A medicine man would have gone all out to actually cure their patients for the respect and prestige that comes with doing so, more than the monetary rewards, whereas today there are huge multinational companies with shareholders hungry for infinite growth and profits controlling the medical industry. It is indeed more about money these days than anything else, sadly.

To flip things around a bit and take a little bit of a different view-point in making a counter-argument, some data make for some interesting reading if interpreted in favour of the continued development and evolution of the medical industry, as part of our overall evolution. The eradication of stomach cancer in particular suggests a correlation with the key evolutionary development point of cooking our food. Sure, fire was discovered long before any form of data around health could be collected, but the correlation still shines through brightly, even when taken into account from a much later period in time.

The better-cooked our meat was in particular, the less instances of stomach cancer we suffered as a species. And while this may not be directly linked to the medical industry proper, the purest fundamentals of the medical industry form part of the greater health and wellness industry, encouraging prevention as something which is better than seeking a cure.

As much as the medical industry seems to be evolving and developing around what are increasingly bad health and wellness practices, thats the reality we are faced with and thats the reality we have to deal with. The world isnt going to stop eating processed foods, for example, is it?

Its ultimately about striking a balance and accounting for some much-needed choice in lifestyle habits, because in some instances people really dont have a choice but to expose themselves to hazardous environments, such as the many cases United Energy Workers Healthcare has to deal with, in the aftermath of the long-lasting health effects of workers who were active in the nuclear weapons industry. Its a good thing that such specialist healthcare support organizations exist, otherwise the mentioned nuclear weapons industry workers would make for just another case of honest and hardworking members of the public being at the mercy of the dollar-driven evolution of the medical industry.