Mindfulness; Key to a healthy mind and soul

Mindfulness; Key to a healthy mind and soul

Staying with the present instead of giving in to other thoughts and distractions as well as being completely aware of what you’re feeling and sensing at the moment is what mindfulness is all about. While dealing with day-to-day chaos, be it rushing off the feet at work or struggling with personal life battles, it’s pretty hard to find out some quiet time for yourself. Nothing would be more appropriate than taking a personal inventory-look within, focus on your well-being, and you’ll be on the way to your happiest self. Here you can incorporate practicing mindfulness into your day-to-day routine- the best way to declutter your mind. Whenever your mind wanders, streamline your thoughts and pay attention to your surroundings.

The world we live in holds a bundle of things that demand our time, effort, and energy. With our lives being so frantic, the countless benefits of mindfulness would definitely help. In this piece of writing, we’ve put together a couple of benefits and tips for embracing mindfulness that you can take advantage of. Walkthrough it!

Benefits of Mindfulness

Depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are some of the problems best treated with mindfulness. Those amongst us who often practice mindfulness feel calmer and positive comparatively. According to a study, many counsellors include mindfulness techniques as a tool to assist people struggling with an array of mental health issues. Furthermore, mindfulness benefits count in better sleep, reduces stress level, lower blood pressure and increased cognitive ability.

Mindfulness Tips and Techniques

With an incalculable number of methods to practice mindfulness, opting for the ones that work for you would seem like an excellent idea. Some of the tips and techniques are jotted down to help you get started. One of the techniques that you can use to practice mindfulness is known as life between lives. This technique usually involves accessing a state of consciousness between each incarnation. In this state, you can connect with your soul’s purpose and gain insight into the lessons you are meant to learn from this lifetime. Other techniques to practice mindfulness include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, and walking in nature. Additionally, mindfulness activities such as coloring and drawing can also be helpful in calming the mind and reducing stress.

Prioritize Mindfulness

Noting down your self-care time is one of the best ways to make sure you prioritize mindfulness. When involved in a particular task, putting things off for another day becomes easier. Making time for it is the key concern here. Commit yourself to spend a specific amount of time each day. This practice will make you understand and respect the importance of doing so. What you can do in this particular time may include a meditation, processing your thoughts, connecting with nature and spending time alone in a peaceful way.

Connect with your body and senses

The tenets of mindfulness include engaging the senses i.e. embracing the present and accepting your surroundings with all your senses. Feeling your body but not being present in the moment is not something to be proud of. Feel the air that passes by you, sounds that hit your eardrums, and your breath which keeps you alive- all this will keep you reconnected to the reality of the present moment.

Go at your own pace

Doing things our way is human nature. So, expecting oneself to excel in mindfulness after one session is an insane practice. The whole process of mindfulness isn’t instantaneous. It definitely calls for a couple of attempts to feel that it’s working. Using different apps offering meditation practices would help you in achieving mindfulness in the best possible way. For further help, you can even explore the website TVC holding great health stores for you to explore.

Follow these tips mentioned above by heart and be patient as achieving great things demands time!