Kitchen Flooring: The Vinyl Route

Kitchen Flooring: The Vinyl Route

Your kitchen is a semi water driven area. Whilst it does not face the same level of water risk as a laundry, bathroom or wetroom does, it still has risk from sinks and food and drink preparation where sauces or liquids are in abundance.

On top of that there is steam from taps and higher moisture levels because of it, and above all else it is a high family activity area, attracting high levels of foot traffic and wear and tear.

When looking into your kitchen flooring you need something that is protected against all whilst also being stylish and easy to maintain in the face of so much.

The Best Flooring

There are many flooring options to choose from but to tick all boxes you have to look into more specific products, such as luxury vinyl flooring.

There are several popular brands that offer luxury vinyl flooring, like Luvanto, for example. When it comes to a product that starts off as 100% waterproof then vinyl flooring tops the bill, as it, not only products your subfloor completely but also is able to fully withstand steam and temperature changes that a kitchen is fully exposed to.

Moisture is a silent partner in the rot and disruption of regular flooring, so the standout choice is vinyl in the protection of the room. As with this measure, the high durability and hard-wearing level within vinyl products mean that the active room will not provide a challenge in the short term.

Installation and Price

When looking into kitchen design you will no doubt have a budget that will dictate everything.

This is good news for those wanting Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring as it is a relatively cheap product in price only, not in its manufacture or installation. Not only is it a fraction of the price of whatever it perfectly replicates, but the option on saving on the installation costs is high due to its relatively simple installation method. You can glue down tiles or click together planks and it looks perfect without feeling like a simple solution. That being said, if you are not so sure about installing the floor by yourself, you can hire a flooring company marietta that can handle the floor installation.

This means not only have you saved money on the product, but you have also ensured that your floor looks fresh and perfect. That way, you are also not limiting your options of what kind of floor you have with perfectly replicated light and dark woods, stones, slates, and marble effects among others.

When it comes to making the most of your kitchen design, layer it with Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for the very best in protection and style.