How to Update Your Style in Time for Spring

How to Update Your Style in Time for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and the sun is finally starting to shine. This taste of summer can have us Brits out in the sunshine enjoying a pitcher of Pimms outside in no time. In fact, it has such a positive effect on the mood of people around the world that if you were hoping for a time to reinvent yourself, its now. Forget your failed New Years Resolutions. Start in spring when the seasons are changing, and everything feels new. This is when you will be most successful in making changes you want in your life stick.

One great way to bring this change into your life in an immediate and very effective way is with your style. Never underestimate how important confidence is when making big life changes, nor how much your confidence is tied into how much you love how you look.

Do a Massive Spring Clean

The first step to updating your style is to commit to a big spring clean. Ask yourself:

  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it made well?
  • Do you wear them?
  • Does it need to be repaired?

If you love it and it can be repaired, then it is worthwhile going to a dry cleaner that specialises in alterations to see what can be done. The same applies to shoes, although you will need to find a cobbler to get new soles put on. However, if the item doesnt fit, you dont like it, and if you have owned it but never wore it for years, sell, donate, or recycle instead.

Top Style Basics to Invest in This Spring

Once all the clutter that was holding you back is gone you can start building up your wardrobe with items that will help you feel stylish and beautiful for years to come:

1. Quality Sunglasses

Skip the cheap sunglasses you inevitably buy every year and instead invest in a pair that suit your bone structure and flatter your features. Designer sunglasses can drastically change your entire look, and you want a pair that compliments you to a T. Anything less isnt worth it, especially if you have to deal with pinching. By investing in your sunglasses, you invest in a completed spring and summer look that will help you look incredible year after year.

2. Beautiful Shoes

Shoes that not only complete an outfit but more importantly dont kill your feet are hard to find. Be very particular about the shoes that you buy, and when you find that perfect pair take them to a cobbler to get an extra sole added on to extend the life of your shoe.

3. Natural-Fibre, Well Made Clothes

Invest in your clothes. Not only is fast fashion quickly becoming the antithesis of style, but it is also terrible for the planet. Instead, try to think on a longer-term basis with your clothes. Only buy it if you think you will get 30 wears out of it, stick to natural fibres, and pay more for gorgeous pieces that you will love for years.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Go through what you have and see what needs to be tailored. Trouser legs too long? Get it hemmed. Slightly wrong fit on that dress? Get it taken in. By getting clothes tailored, you can easily look timeless, classic, and incredibly posh.