How to Prevent Aging, No Matter How Old You Are

How to Prevent Aging, No Matter How Old You Are

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to turn back the clock on aging. Regardless of what age group you’re in, you can start taking care of your mind, body and soul. From skincare to more serious concerns like dementia and diabetes, these tips can help you age gracefully, inside and out.


Learn About Anti-Aging Treatments


There is an endless stream of treatments like microneedling, chemical peeling, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, non-ablative skin rejuvenation, and fractional laser skin resurfacing that can promise infinite youth to consumers. Getting educated about all of them by researching on the Web — look up microneedling vs chemical peels; laser resurfacing vs microdermabrasion; non-ablative skin rejuvenation vs fractional laser skin resurfacing — or talking to a healthcare professional could help choose the most appropriate treatment option for your skin condition. Making informed decisions is the key here!


Currently, promising new discoveries are being made around klotho proteins, which are naturally occurring in humans. These proteins are involved in all sorts of vital biological processes linked to advanced age, including preventing the onset of dementia, reducing blood sugar in people with diabetes, and suppressing aging. Klotho therapy may soon be a viable option to address some of the elements of aging that contribute to age-related diseases.


The promise of klotho proteins are exciting for anyone who worries about getting older. While research is underway, there are a number of steps that you can take right now to prevent the effects of aging. Research has validated that wearing sunscreen can be a key step in preventing aging. By wearing it every single day, and choosing a broad spectrum that protects against UVA and UVB rays, research has shown that you can protect your skin from cancer and premature aging.


Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle


In addition to the promise of anti-aging research and wearing sunscreen, eating well, working out, quitting smoking, and drinking in moderation are all foundational elements of living well at any age. These things become even more vital as you grow older and the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, high cholesterol and high blood pressure continues to rise.


Seeing a doctor regularly, and remembering to schedule annual physicals can also go a long way in preventative care. Ask questions about changes you are seeing in your body and inquire about how you can influence these changes in your daily life.


Keep Your Brain And Body Busy


Aging is a primary risk factor for dementia, which is an umbrella term for many different conditions linked to cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Commiting to a healthy lifestyle, as mentioned above, is a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. Keeping your brain active is also important. Joining a new exercise class, making time for daily crosswords, and trying new things can all help your physical and cognitive health.


By staying up-to-date on scientific advances around aging, choosing anti-aging regimens wisely, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining an engaged day-to-day life, aging gracefully is possible for anyone – no matter how old you are.