How to have the perfect date with a 2 person kayak

How to have the perfect date with a 2 person kayak

Kayaking can be an intense workout or a calm solitary escape to the water; however it could also be perfect for a date if you have a 2 person kayak. Whether you are looking for an interesting and unique idea for a first date, or want a different way to celebrate an anniversary; being in a 2 person kayak means that you and your kayaking partner will both be paddling on the water and enjoying the experience together!


The key to a perfect date on a 2 person kayak is planning. Make sure that you have chosen a nice location to kayak in, have got all the gear that you need, and arrive at your location in plenty of time.

Aside from planning the actual kayaking, make sure to prepare for the other parts of your date. We suggest that you pack a romantic picnic, your favorite drinks and some cups as well to go with you; and that you plan for your kayaking session to end at sunset, where you can then enjoy your meal and drinks whilst basking in the glow of the sun coming down over the location you choose to go to.

The kayaking

Kayaking solo is rather simple. Once in the kayak, you just keep paddling and shift direction by your paddle strokes. However, a 2 person kayak is different dimensionally. It’s structure means it is more steady, and keeps a good straight line, and you move through the water at a greater speed due to the combined effort of two people; however the extra length of the 2 person kayak means that it is tougher to maneuver. But once you get the hang of it, steering will become natural.

When you have arrived at your chosen location for your romantic soiree on the water, and are ready to go after inflating your kayak, you then need to prepare to actually launch off on your date.

First you place the kayak by the waterside, and whoever is going to be in the front of the kayak, sits in the seat first. Then the person at the rear should push the kayak into the water before climbing into the back seat.

Once you are both settled on the water and have adjusted to being in the kayak, it’s time to paddle. In a 2 person kayak, the timing of your strokes is important, as there is a chance that your paddles will clash if you are out of sync.

When you have got used to paddling forwards in sync, it then comes time to get used to maneuvering. The person at the front of the kayak controls the pace, as the person behind them can see their paddle movements; and the person at the back leads maneuvering.

If one of you has some experience kayaking, that person should be the one at the back of the kayak, altering your paddle strokes to maneuver the boat, whilst the less experienced kayaker can just focus on their rhythm.

Enjoying your date

Whilst kayaking by yourself allows you to move as you want, kayaking with a partner brings you closer to them. After a while you will become proficient and paddling with one another, and end up in perfect harmony. We hope your kayaking date goes off without a hitch!