How to get the most out of your next ski trip

How to get the most out of your next ski trip

Millions of us flock to ski villages across the world when the season hits, and the best ski trips are often the ones that are planned well. Whether you’re a beginner looking to hit the slopes or a seasoned professional looking for a challenge, here are our helpful tips for how to get the most out of your next ski trip.

1. Pick the right time of year

Peak ski season generally runs from mid-November to mid-April, but be warned – certain times are more crowded than others.

Not only are you contending with the locals, but other tourists flock to ski resorts during half term and the winter holidays. When you’re booking your trip, make sure you pick the right time of year for what you’re looking for. If you want clearer slopes, avoid major holiday periods, but if you want lots of atmosphere and energy, it’s a good idea to book your trip closer to Christmas or even Easter.

2. Research the best slopes

Generally, ski slopes come under four categories; green, blue, red and black. Ski resorts will offer a massive variety of slopes, so it’s worth researching which ones you have the skills to embark on.

Piste Pro offers a huge variety of piste maps for mountain ranges across the world, from the French Alps to the North American Rockies. These piste maps will give you detailed information about the mountains you’re skiing on, including their height, difficulty, nearby activities and the number of lifts available.

3. Pack well!

It’s especially true for first-time skiers, but you have to make sure you pack well. Your piste map will show you how high you’ll be going while skiing, and you’ll need to be properly protected from the cold and the sun.

Packing like a pro means bringing sunglasses and sunscreen (yes, even in the winter!), lip balm, hats, gloves and thermal socks.

You’ll also need plenty of layers underneath your ski clothes. Opt for clothing made of moisture-wicking material so that you can conserve your body heat without getting sweaty and overheated while you’re hitting the slopes.

A ski trip isn’t just a fantastic option for an active holiday, it’s also a great way to explore untouched swathes of natural mountain ranges from across the world. If you’re looking to start planning your next skiing adventure, visit our website today and we can help you make the most out of your next trip.