How to Engineer More Time for Yourself

How to Engineer More Time for Yourself

Theres a lot more to what many people believe to be a mere notion, that of a body which looks good feeling even better. Its true when you look at yourself in the mirror and you, along with anyone who catches sight of your body, really like what you see, how it feels to be in that body is at least 10 times better!

If youre enjoying a great state of health as a result of your efforts in the gym as well as those which concern eating better, youre prone to get sick less, you have more energy and you have more time!

Time is the commodity of importance which were leading up to here and well I guess I should come right out with it and say that taking better care of your health is indeed a great way to engineer more time for yourself. Its as simple as that well its simple enough conceptually, but the fact that most people complain about not having enough hours in a day suggests that in practice its a whole different story. Its much more difficult trying to take better care of your health practically, especially if youve been set in your ways for a good few years of your life now.

Its not impossible either though and all you really need is to effect a structured approach to incrementally working your health up to the optimal heights its capable of scaling. You have to start implementing some small, habitual hacks which will eventually go on to replace all the negative factors which otherwise just as incrementally affect your health.

This is very important and the importance thereof can perhaps be better communicated if one looks at it from the point of view of their current situation. The fact that you have to reach for an energy drink to boost your energy levels is a result of years upon years of gradually building up some bad habits and making bad lifestyle choices. That brings into focus the nutritional side of things and its as simple as this if you cut out all refined sugars and simultaneously replace all processed foods with whole foods, youll immediately start to feel a difference in how your body functions and how it makes better use of the energy which it can now produce more effectively.

Next, you have to start factoring in regular exercise as an inherent part of your everyday life, not just something you engage in every time the season dictates, like the annual New Years resolutions we always make and yet somehow we never seem to meet them. So instead of resolving to hit the gym every other day, you could perhaps resolve to take a daily walk down to your convenience store to get your Lotto UK tickets, even if you subsequently check the results online.

This creates little opportunities for you to get used to making better lifestyle choices, choosing to be more active whenever you can. Of course then you can intensify things later on when the effects of your small efforts start paying off, revisiting that idea of hitting the gym every other day perhaps.

Its like magic a healthier you is one who spends less time catching up on sleep or queuing at the doctors office, leaving you with way more time (and energy) on your hands.