How to Bring A Classy Vibe to Your Home with Elegant Furniture

How to Bring A Classy Vibe to Your Home with Elegant Furniture

Great home designs always contain some timeless pieces that look unique and attractive, regardless of the changing trends. If you want to start designing your home, focus first on the furniture. Most people consider furniture as utilities instead of quality dcor items. This is the reason why their homes often miss an edge even if they look good.

The wall colors, dcor items and even the carpet and draperies of your home depend heavily on the kind of furniture you have bought. We suggest you buy mahogany furniture (or other hardwood furniture), like those available at Here are three furniture and dcor styles that will make your home look more elegant than ever before.

French Provincial style

Nothing can beat this style of furniture. It is soft, romantic and very welcoming. You get an instantly attractive room without going overboard. Some furniture styles are overwhelming to look at, but not this one. Focus on lighter, softer colors blended with deeper, more earthen accents to make your home look classy. Invest in draperies in softer fabrics.

These provincial styles are less ornate than the elaborate Parisian furniture styles. They have simpler curvatures but they look bold too. If you have painted your room in light pastel colors, buy furniture in bold secondary colors to match the look.

Victorian Style

When somebody asks about the most notable styles of furniture, the answer is always Victorian. It is bold, earthen, unapologetic and still very romantic. The large proportions of this furniture go very well with deep colors, especially in earthy tones. The finishing is usually dark and you will find that this style resembles art more than it resembles other furniture.

These pieces were very elaborate and had several carvings and embellishments that make it bolder and more appealing. Use this style only when you have a larger house. Such furniture could make small spaces look even smaller. Note that the upholstery of this type of furniture has to be very rich. If you are redesigning a piece to get that Victorian appeal, focus on velvety and rich fabrics and never let the color go light.


Dont want to go old school? Just stick to the cotemporary style. You will find many pieces made of metal and non-traditional woods (like engineered woods) in the contemporary style. It is minimalistic, doesnt take up much space and comes in bright and attractive colors also. This style is also suitable for people who follow the minimalism principle.

In contemporary styles, you should not expect hardwood pieces that will last for generations. There are no elaborate carvings, no thick and plush materials and no huge frames. However, you have the option to work with several varieties of leather and cotton upholstery. Walls could come in muted colors. You could also play with accents.

Which style did you like the best? Our favorite is the French provincial, because it has everything from durability to great looks. Depending on where you live and what kind of home dcor you prefer, you can decide which style matches your needs the most. Good luck!