How high-quality paper bags are being used post-lockdown

How high-quality paper bags are being used post-lockdown

Paper bags are a versatile product that have been used by stores for decades as a means of protecting consumer purchases in an environmentally friendly way. This sentiment has carried on during and after the COVID-19 lockdown with many stores opting for paper bags to keep increasingly environmentally conscious customers coming through the doors. In today’s article, we have a look at some of the interesting uses that can be made out of paper bags no matter what shape they are in.

  1. Quality paper bags are being reused by shoppers

As non-essential stores reopen many are finding that they want to keep contact to a minimum by bringing their own bags. This is where high-quality paper bags really come into their own. Strong handles, high carrying capacity and a stylish look mean they are a very popular option when it comes to reusable bags for the shopping. This is great as not only are they being used in an environmentally friendly way but they are also promoting good hygiene.

  1. Paper bags are being used as face coverings (no we’re not joking)

Whilst paper bags make a great product for carrying your shopping in, some adventurous members of the public have been spotted sporting paper bags as a means of face coverings. Whilst we applaud the attempt at innovative use of a paper bags, they are not good for protecting you or others from germs and should primarily be used to carry your shopping rather than cover your face when you visit stores.

  1. Paper bags make great arts and crafts items for those stuck at home

In addition to their various uses in the shops, paper bags are also becoming a popular craft material when they have reached the end of their usable lives. The string handles, colourful branding and easy to use material means they can be moulded into a variety of different and interesting craft designs.

  1. Paper bags are being used as promotional material

The other great benefit of using paper bags is your business is the promotional potential that you can harness. The wide and rigid sides of the bags are great for advertising your products and services. This marketing potential is already being harnessed by different businesses trying to grow as we exit the lockdown.

One of the ways that you can maximise the promotion potential is through adding promotional offers to the bag. This can encourage others to visit the store, but remember that it should match the overall market positioning of the brand.

Where can I find good quality paper bags?

Paper bags are good for business and consumers, this is why they are being used and adopted heavily in the current climate. If you want to take advantage of the marketing and business potential of paper bags, there are several different high-quality paper bag suppliers in the UK that can meet your needs. Just make sure you get the design and styling right to get the most value out of your new bagging solution.