Here’s How Not to Care for Your New Towels

Here’s How Not to Care for Your New Towels

[Though bubble]

Wow those towels look nice! So fluffy, so soft; and they don’t have all those oil stains all over them like the ones at home do.

Is it time to buy new ones?

Maybe, but they’re going to suffer the same fate as the ones hanging from your bathroom hooks, so why bother?

Believe it or not, there’s a right and a wrong way to look after your towels and most people don’t know the difference.

Towels are more than a body-drying tool. Towels are decorative. Towels make for great gifts. Towels can be personalised, and towels can look great in your newly redesigned bathroom. Take good care of them and they can look as good as the day you admired them in the shop, even months after you bought them. If you want yours to last, it’s important to know where you’re going wrong. Let’s talk.

Everybody gets one

I’ve been guilty of this one most of my adult life. I used one towel, my towel and I didn’t think much of it. Sure it wasn’t the colour it was off the shelf; sure I didn’t like the colour it had become, but so long as I washed it regularly I was satisfied I was doing the right thing.

Turns out regular washing isn’t enough. Frequent towel rotation means less individual towel use, less washing and therefor more fluffiness and better colour retention. Who’d have known?

Wash your towels all the time

Towel rotation brings me to the next point. You aren’t washing them often enough. So how often is often enough? Twice a month? EEEHH Every week? EEEEEH Twice a week? DING, that’s right, towels need to be washed after every third use. Otherwise you’re just rubbing mould and germs on your skin right after you’ve washed them off. Gross!

Too much detergent doesn’t deter germs

Towels dry your unmentionables so it makes sense to throw in a little extra detergent in the machine when you wash them. The only problem is that your towel absorbs everything. Even the small detergent studs. The studs stick to the fabric and eventually attract the very thing you aimed to wash off, nasty bacteria and microbes. Use only the recommended amount on your detergent package or bottle.

Apart from this, always opt for good quality detergent when you are washing your towels. This is to ensure that the detergent is formulated to be gentle on fabrics, while still providing effective cleaning power. When purchasing online, maybe from a shop similar to The Cleaning Collective, take your time to read the labels. By doing this, you will be able to determine what chemicals have been added to the detergent and whether or not that detergent is suitable for your towels and your skin.

It’s easy to get lazy with towels, most of us don’t have time to bother with them during the busy work week. If you know how to keep them nice for longer, the simple steps involved in proper care won’t take you any extra time in the morning, and when you see and feel the difference, you’ll never go back to old habits. Take care of those towels and share this article if you’re planning on giving friends and family towels this Christmas.

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