The Health Benefits of 20 Fantastic Fruits

The Health Benefits of 20 Fantastic Fruits

1 Medium Banana = 105 calories

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the UK and for good reason as, on top of being delicious, they offer 422 milligrams of potassium and can help lower your blood pressure. What’s not to love?
Bonus fact: if you suffer from rubber latex allergies then you might be allergic to this tasty fruit, unfortunately, as they come from similar trees that share the same protein.

½ Cup of Strawberries = 23 calories

This fragrant fruit is stock up with all sorts of antioxidants and therefore perfect for those suffering with inflammation such as atherosclerosis. What’s more, a regular serving of strawberries can suppress the progression of cancerous tumours. A must-have in your shopping basket!

1Large Kiwi = 56 calories

If you’re looking to add more vitamin C to your diet then look no further than the delicious kiwi, as they contain more of the stuff than oranges. Fact! You’ll also be happy to learn that this exotic fruit can also aid the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums and can lower your blood triglyceride levels. Why aren’t you eating one right now?
Bonus fact: Every bit of the kiwi is edible – even the skin!

½ Cup of Watermelon = 23 calories

One watermelon contains 92% water, hence its names. It’s therefore the perfect fruit for helping shift those unwanted few pounds, as you can fill up on the fruit and it won’t add too many calories to your daily allowance. Great, right?
Bonus fact: The rinds and seeds of the watermelon are edible.

½ Cup of Pineapple = 40 calories

Pineapple contains this handy little natural enzyme called bromelain that helps to break down protein whilst aiding digestion. In addition, bromelain can also prevent blood clots, can speed up the healing process and can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Is there anything bromelain can’t do?

1 Medium Lemon = 17 Calories

Lemon is probably one of the best fruits you can incorporate into your diet. It’s packed full of all sorts of vitamins that can encourage weight loss, detox your system and improve your skin, whilst also preventing diabetes, constipation, indigestion, high blood pressure and fevers – on top of so much more. The benefits don’t stop once squeezed either as lemonade or lemon juice can cure kidney stones as it can help prevent the formation of crystals. We salute you, Lemon!

1 Medium Peach = 58 Calories

Are you tired of picking up all sorts of illnesses? You should try eating peaches on a regular basis as they’re rich in vitamin A and can therefore help to regulate your immune system whilst fighting off any infections.

½ Cup of Blueberries = 41 Calories

When it comes to fruits full of antioxidants, you cannot beat blueberries. They’re number 1 in comparison to 60 other fruits and vegetables and can lower the risk of age related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons. They’re also a healthy carbohydrate so can boost your energy and make you feel fuller for longer, so you won’t feel the need to snack.

1 Medium Orange = 62 Calories

Okay so when it comes to vitamin C a kiwi has it beat – but don’t rule it out just yet as the orange is high in folate that can prevent neural tube defects. Also, it contains hesperidin that can lower triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels.
Bonus fact: You know that white part of the ring? It’s edible and full of vitamin C – so eat it up, people!

½ Medium Papaya = 59 Calories

Do you have problems with digestion? Well you should probably try eating some papaya as it offers an enzyme called papain that can aid this troublesome complaint. This underrated fruit can also support your immune system, create healthy skin and reduce inflammation.
Bonus fact: The black seeds are edible – and you can even substitute black pepper for them as they offer a sharp, spicy flavour.

1 Medium Tomato = 22 Calories

Tomatoes are known to protect against advanced prostate cancer and are commonly recommended by GPs up and down the country. They also contain the friendly antioxidant lycopene that can reduce your cholesterol levels.

Bonus fact: You can produce more lycopene when you cook tomatoes with oil.

½ Avocado = 114 Calories

Not to take anything away from the healthy banana but, when it comes to potassium levels, the avocado has it beat. This yummy fruit contains twice the amount of potassium as a banana and offers healthy monounsaturated fats that can help to lower cholesterol levels.
Bonus fact: A baby could live on avocado alone due to its high fat content, as this can help with normal infant growth and development.

½ Cup of Cherries = 46 Calories

When it comes to anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant, cherries can’t be beaten! They’re therefore a great way to reduce inflammation and, as a result, they can alleviate arthritis and gout.
Bonus fact: You should try not to heat cherries as they’ll lose a lot of their vitamin C.

½ Cup of Blackberries = 31 Calories

Blackberries also contain anthocyanin and, just like cherries, they can help to reduce cancer or stroke. In fact, blackberry extract can even help stop the growth of lung cancer cells.
Bonus fact: The Ancient Greeks used to call them “gout-berries” as they were commonly used to treat gout symptoms.

½ Cup of Grapes = 53 Calories

On top of being one of the most tempting fruits on the market, grapes contain the antioxidant resveratol that can reduce blood pressure and lower a person’s risk of developing blood clots. Not only that, grapes can also stop the spreading of breast, colon and stomach cancer cells.
Bonus fact: You can freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes. Healthy and handy!

½ Medium Mango = 54 Calories

If you want to protect your vision – and why would you not? – you should eat some mango, as this sweet fruit can reduce the risk of blindness in adults due to the antioxidants: lutein and zeaxathin.
Bonus fact: mangos are perfectly eaten as a sweet dessert when ripe and are a crunchy, sour addition to a salad when unripe.

½ Cup of Raspberries = 32 Calories

Raspberries offer a good dose of ellagic acid and antioxidants and can therefore help prevent cervical, colon and oesophageal cancer. Rasberry ketone extract can also boost your metabolism, so you can quickly burn fat and lose weight.

½ Grapefruit = 52 Calories

Filled with flavonoids and lycopene, grapefruit is a great way to protect your body from a variety of cancers. This tasty fruit also contains pectin, which is a soluble fibre that’s proven to help lower cholesterol levels.

1 Medium Apple = 75 Calories

Apples also contain flavonoids and are reportedly a fantastic way to help lower the risk of developing asthma or diabetes. Most people don’t know that most of the many vitamins inside the apple lie behind the skin – so it’ll do you no harm to peel off the layer if you’re not much of a fan.
Bonus fact: apples are a natural mouth freshener as they can help cleanse your teeth. Team them up with a kiwi and your dentist will love you!

1 Medium Pear = 96 Calories

Pears are a great way to prevent constipation as they’re filled with mostly soluble fibre, which is also proven to reduce your blood cholesterol and help prevent heart disease. Not to mention the fact that they taste so good!

Have you got a favourite fruit from above? Has introducing any fruit into diet impacted on your health? We’d like to hear from you so drop us a comment.

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