Great Gifts for the Newlyweds This Coming 2022

Great Gifts for the Newlyweds This Coming 2022

How has the world changed in the past two years, huh? Who would’ve thought in December 2019 that we are looking at full two years of case numbers, vaccines, the severity of diseases, deaths, and economic collapses? But now that things are transitioning to what we like to call the new normal, it’s time to get things in order again. For many couples, that means finally holding that wedding they’ve put off for a couple of years. When weddings get canceled because of the pandemic, these couples also have to take stock of their relationships. Those who survived should rightfully celebrate that love.

So, what kind of gifts should newlywed couples receive this 2022? The world is vastly different from the last two years. Every day since the pandemic started is a gift, so wedding gifts should be more sentimental, functional, and practical. If you will pick up something for your friends, make sure it will be worth your money and their time.

Coffee Brewer

It’s time your friends stop depending on instant coffee and coffee pods and capsules that tend to hurt the environment. They need to enjoy the simple finer things in life, such as perfectly brewed coffee in the morning. Every day, people struggle to survive and thrive. That cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect way to jumpstart a day. Imagine giving couples that tool. They’re going to remember who gave them that brewer every time they wake up.

You can get them the Hario 600ml cold brew set. What’s special about cold brew is that it is less acidic. This is better for some people who suffer from hyperacidity and cannot take coffee immediately after waking up. Cold brew tends to be smoother and sweeter. That is its distinct feature from hot coffee.

Ergonomic Couple Chairs

More and more people are working from home. One of the many things they face at home (aside from distraction) is the non-ergonomic chairs they use. Regular chairs usually lead to severe lower back pain that lasts for weeks. In fact, many remote workers found out that they have spinal problems because of prolonged seating before their computers. A set of ergonomic couple chairs will solve this issue.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to mold the body. They are protective of your spine. These chairs have good lumbar support and even prevent risks of scoliosis. So, even though they may have to work for eight straight hours sitting down in front of their computers, the ergonomic chairs will prevent back and even leg pain. Another idea is to give them a standing desk.

Air Purifier

Before the pandemic happened, many homes already had a great air purifier. Supposedly, the device can remove toxins and allergens from a room. Some said it might even reduce the virus that spreads. Though health experts already debunked that air purifiers can prevent COVID-19, none questioned how it could prevent respiratory issues from acting up. People with asthma and other respiratory diseases, or even those without, will do well with an air purifier at home.

A good air purifier offers at least 99% protection from common allergens. It should be able to detect the quality of indoor air. Most will give a green light for good air quality and red for poor air quality.

Foldable Bed Table

What couple doesn’t want to spend a day in bed watching their favorite shows? The perfect complement to a relaxing weekend is a foldable bed table where they can put a bottle of beer and pretzels or whatever they like to munch on. Fortunately, you can get a foldable bed table from just about anywhere. A quick look into online marketplaces will show you a bunch of bed tables that you can get for less than $20.

Gym Equipment

Finally, one of the best gifts for newlyweds is gym equipment. It doesn’t need to be a treadmill or a stationary bike if you don’t have the budget for it. It can be as simple as a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. You can also gift them resistance bands and exercise mats. Make sure to choose the same or complementary colors so that they can do the exercises as a couple.

These are just some of the great gifts you can get newlyweds next year. The pandemic changed the way people live. When you think about gifts, consider what will help couples in their daily lives. Now that couples are staying more at home, the best gifts are those that offer convenience.