Give yourself a little more you time

Give yourself a little more you time

At one time or another, most of us feel there just arent enough hours in the day. Many rise before dawn, creeping out the door to jog a few miles around the local park. Others spend an hour or two working out in the local fitness centre, before rushing home for a quick bowl of cereal and heading off to work.

Singles, couples and those with young children find the majority of their days are taken up working longer hours. Some have to take on a second job to make ends meet, while at the same time look after the welfare of young children. In order to fit everything into that 24 hour cycle, meals are thrown together for speed not balance. Greater numbers of ready meals and junk food consumed, and any thoughts of living a happy, healthy, enjoyable lifestyle, go out the window. Time to organize and minimalize the wrongs things and make space for the right things.

So is there any way to get off this energy sapping treadmill?

If you have access to the internet and a little in savings, you can begin to build what they call a passive income. As that old Yorkshire saying goes, you never get owt for nowt, and any new income stream involves a certain amount of work. Once established, passive income should provide an income with minimum involvement from the investor. There are literally hundreds of ways to establish a passive income. If you are good at it, that income can build to provide not just a little extra cash, but become a substantial part of the family income. Here are three passive income streams worth a more in-depth look.

Property Crowdfunding:

Buy to rent landlords have to provide large upfront funds when buying properties at auction. Often these funds are raised via loans or mortgages on other properties. Additional amounts often have to be found for refurbishment, or the cost of conversion from large house to smaller flats. Once new tenants move in, the rent, or passive income, is used to repay the loans, and hopefully leave a little profit.

Now, you dont need large sums to get into the property investment market. In the UK there are an increasing number of crowdfunding platforms where you can invest in a property from as little as 1000. The more you can afford to invest, the higher the rental return, and the greater your percentage of the increasing property value. Before any financial investment is finalised, in-depth research should be undertaken to ensure the investments legitimacy and risks involved.

Forex Robot Trading:

Gone are the days when trading on the stock market was carried out solely by stockbrokers and city whizz-kids. Nowadays a lot of ordinary working class people have been able to give up their day job, in favour of making a comfortable living sitting at home in front of their laptop. This has now been made much easier for the likes of the “average Joe” to look into how to buy zoom shares or others on the stock market, in efforts to make their money work for them.

There are a whole range of products one can choose to begin online trading, and one of the most popular is Foreign Exchange currency trading. While many armchair traders prefer to use a hands-on approach to Forex trading, it is now possible to use robotic programmes to do the job for you. Although normally returning a lower gain than those trading hands-on, robotic trading provides a little of that much needed you time. Dont be misled by that term robotic. Using robotic trading is not a guarantee of success. Long established companies can provide all the information needed and explain the risks involved.

Affiliate Marketing:

If you run a blog as a hobby, or are considering starting a blog, why not get it to earn you a little extra income. A large number of online brands offer bloggers the opportunity to become affiliates and market their products in return for a commission on each item sold. Whatever your interest, health and beauty to environmental issues, or travel to fishing, you can turn it into a money making venture with affiliate marketing.

The early days require a lot of dedication and work to build up a following of those with similar interests, but once established, and you begin to see a regular income from commissions, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. Blogging is something that can really become addictive. If you get hooked, start a second or third, and monetise them to provide other income streams.

If spending more time at home is your dream, take a longer in-depth look at the many ways passive income can help you make those dreams come true.