Essential DIY Fixes for Your Fashion Business

Essential DIY Fixes for Your Fashion Business

Our world is very much fickle to fashion, and with that comes the fact that you will find yourself in possession of more clothing than your closet can fit, especially if you own a fashion store.

This is where DIY comes into play. If you’re creative enough, there’s no stopping you from making your own clothes storage solutions. Whether it be a DIY wardrobe or a DIY folding trick, you’re sure to find something that will work best for your specific business needs.


Even if you’re not too crafty yourself, you can make your very own DIY wardrobe with a few spare pieces of wood and some basic tools.

First, measure the width of your closet opening. Next, cut pieces of wood to fit across the top two sections of the opening, allowing room for hinges at either end. Once the pieces are cut down to size, attach them using hinges.

Closet & Drawers

For drawers, you might need some extra space, so consider making the following unique piece of furniture: Get some cardboard boxes or any box that would work well with what you’re trying to achieve.

Cut up the boxes into thin strips that will be close to the thickness of your dresser drawers (make them as thick or as thin as you like, depending on your preference). Once cut down, stick them inside the drawers and place your clothes inside.

For closets, it’s time to get creative! If you’d like, make a jacket rack by grabbing some coat hangers and attaching them in varying lengths. You can even hang accessories like hats or scarves from these hangers. For shoes, why not try hanging old tennis rackets? They’ll hold several pairs each!

Photo Backdrop

You can easily make a photo backdrop that will look professional without the need for an expensive store-bought equivalent. To start, take one sheet of fabric and fold it in half, so you have two layers. Cut out the centerpiece to form a “window,” and there you’ll place your subject!

Use safety pins or bobby pins to attach this backdrop to walls or ceilings. Dress your photo backdrop by adding garlands at the top or any other decorative additions that match your brand!

You can take photos on anything really; try using old furniture like dressers or even cardboard boxes. No matter what you do, be sure to snap away and document your process!

Good lighting

Good lighting is best for setting the mood in your photos or videos. Once you’ve got your lighting kit, prop it up on any surface that isn’t flammable (obviously!). If you’re using an actual light bulb, be sure to place it behind glass; this will help diffuse the light and create a much nicer effect.

Try experimenting with different lights like candles or lamps if you don’t want to use something like overhead lights, which can sometimes cast unflattering shadows!

Sometimes, no matter how good your backdrop or lighting can be, you still need retouching, especially for =zoomed-in pictures of accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry.

When nothing can be done about pictures where the backdrop is too dark, you can use services to lighten up your images, like photo enhancing and photo retouching. This is good for clothes, bags, and shoes that need enhancing. Photo editing for jewelry is highly recommended, especially when taking pictures for advertisements.

Folded Storage

To get more space in your closet for hanging clothes, get a wire shelf organizer and stick it on the top part of your closet. You can use this for folded shirts or pants to make the most out of the space you have!

If you want even more storage, add a hook on one side of each bar and hang shoes from them. This is also a good way to keep things organized too!

In terms of storage for accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry, try using different types of boxes that match up with what you’re trying to store. This way, everything will be kept nice and tidy while looking stylish at the same time.


When you’re presenting your handmade fashion pieces to the world, it’s always good to have a secure way of packing them up for delivery or transportation purposes. You can do this yourself with materials from around the house.

You can use craft paper bags for this if available since they are really sturdy and big enough to fit your clothing pieces in. But if there aren’t any craft paper bags at hand, all you need is plain brown wrapping paper; cut one sheet into two halves or three depending on how big your item is.

So there you have it – some DIY fixes that will help keep your fashion business going. It may not be a total makeover, but it will help you get the most out of what you bought, especially for your special business needs.