Enjoying a Holiday

Enjoying a Holiday

In this stressful world, it can be hard to switch off. Our culture focuses on productivity, and mobile technology means youre always able to check in, answer emails, do a little more work, and be visible doing so. Even in our leisure time, theres a pernicious guilt associated with pastimes that arent productive: that we arent gradually learning and mastering, and making useful.

With this pressure (mostly emanating from work, where more hours are being stretched out of us with the gradual clamping down of desk culture and people openly boasting of not taking holiday or sick days) bearing down on you, it can be difficult to rediscover the art of relaxation. Today, were here to help you enjoy your holiday.

Packing to Relax

Pack everything that will help you unwind during the holidays. It can be anything from comfortable clothes to a box of UNO or Jenga to relaxants like Golden teachers magic mushrooms or a few bottles of your favorite wine. You can also bring books, magazines, or your laptop or tablet to catch up on movies and shows. Also, don’t forget to bring a power bank or two to keep your devices charged. Finally, make sure to bring enough snacks to keep you full during the journey!

That said, when it comes to packing the clothes, you may need to put a little extra attention. You should only bring clothes that you can fully relax in. If you’re packing according to your office dress code it’s going to be difficult to switch off and recharge. Altering what you wear is a physical cue for your body that tells it your changing modes. It’s subtle, but even changing your shoes can make a difference. For women, sliders instead of heels alter your whole body. It changes how your weight is distributed around your body, makes stand more stably, closer to the ground. You can relax because you don’t have to work as hard simply to remain standing. The difference in your mood is dramatic!

Keep an eye on the weather in the run-up to your trip, whether you’re holidaying at home or going abroad. Packing to reflect the weather when you’re actually there not merely what you hope or want it to be will mean you’ll be able to relax and feel comfortable while you’re on holiday, not too hot or cold.

Shutting Off the Outside World

Roaming technology means you can log in and access emails almost wherever you are in the world. This means you need to make an effort not to! Set an out-of-office on your emails to make sure no one is expecting a response, and then, if you can, unlink work emails from your phone!

Try taking a separate camera with you, either digital or, for some real nostalgia, disposable, so you’re not always reaching for your phone whenever you want to take a picture: break that link between you and your phone for the duration of the trip, and it’ll help you relax and be more present to enjoy your holiday.