Do the Elderly Like Living in Care Homes?

Do the Elderly Like Living in Care Homes?

Regardless of the growing number of care homes around the world, the elderly prefers to stay at home even when they are sick. Many seniors suggest that they would rather prefer to be taken care of in their homes, instead of a nursing facility.

We have to take into consideration the fact that nursing homes are becoming increasingly advanced these days. They boast of anti-slip floors, better drugs and more qualified carers than ever before. Still, elderly people prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes.

We talked to Acorn Stairlifts about these trends and why seniors dont like nursing homes.

Staggered care is best care

In the UK, the seniors are provided with staggered care. Dedicated carers provide cooking, washing and cleaning services to the seniors. They get to stay at home and live in a more comfortable environment. A similar system is available in Belgium as well.

However, in the US, the traditions are much different. Most of the seniors have to live in nursing homes where they are provided lodging, food and care. They can socialize with other seniors as well. More importantly, all of this is taken care of the by government by providing at least 60% rebate in the costs through Medicaid and other programs.

At least 90% seniors in the US still admit that they want to live in their own homes, not nursing care units. However, the lack of good options means that nursing homes are still a popular option for the retirees.

In Italy, Canada and Germany, the focus is on providing home-based care to the seniors. Italian households traditionally do not send their seniors to care homes. They are taken care of by the adult children only.

However, when it comes to Canada, the focus is on getting qualified nurses. The Canadian elderly care system is stretched for resources but the general consensus among adult children and the senior citizens is against nursing homes.

In Germany, a similar problem is being eradicated by training immigrants in elderly care within their homes. Germany too, doesnt want to bank on major nursing home system, even though some facilities of this type are available in the country.

Why do retired people prefer home-based care?

It is not always easy for seniors to get accustomed to a new environment. In nursing homes, they are away from their homes and families, which could add to loneliness and depression. Talking to other people in the nursing home helps them feel good but it is not as comfortable as talking to a family member.

The care takers at a nursing home are dedicated and qualified for their jobs. However, they too could be overworked. This means that each individual gets less attention from the caregivers, even though they are trying their best to fulfill their duties.

Creating staggered systems in the US could be helpful in fulfilling the demands of a majority of retirees who want to stay at home and enjoy some time with their family. Making such care more affordable and providing qualified professionals for doing the job will help many.