Do customers really care about the use of bespoke packaging in their products?

Do customers really care about the use of bespoke packaging in their products?

Small businesses are constantly competing to get the best possible product to their customers, this is good for the end consumer as they get a good product. However, one area where retailers have been trying to differentiate themselves is in the packaging they use for their goods.

Research shows that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the level of packaging in the goods they buy and in particularly the recyclability of the waste. Here we’ll have a look at why customers care about the packaging of the products they buy and whether opting for bespoke packaging could benefit your business this Christmas.

Packaging can have an impact on how the customer perceives the brand

When developing the brand of a business many will think of colours, logos and fonts. From this, the physical manifestation of the brand is made through packaging and other mediums. Research shows that as companies.

Bespoke packaging can greatly impact your brand alignment. More high-end products will require packaging that’s thicker and has a more premium feel. Bespoke packaging can also be personalised and in many cases provide your customer with a box they can use in addition to the product. This could be one of the approaches currently seen in the cosmetic products industry where businesses may use custom cosmetic packaging services to provide their customers with high-end products packed to perfection in reusable boxes. Bespoke packaging also links to the requirement for businesses to provide environmentally sustainable packaging to remain competitive.

Eco bespoke packaging could be the way forward for your business

Research suggests consumers are more likely to buy a product that has minimal packaging as not only does this save on waste, it is also better for the environment. Providing sustainable bespoke packaging will give your customers something they can keep and reuse. If you are going to invest in bespoke packaging for your customers we recommend keeping it minimal to try and appeal to the more environmentally conscious consumer.

Find a good ethical supplier of bespoke packaging

Getting bespoke packaging for your customers can benefit your business through better brand development and reduced packaging disposal. These benefits will only be materialized if your bespoke packaging is strong and has a functional purpose of protecting your product. To ensure your packaging lasts and is reused by your customers make sure you go through a manufacturer with a track record of delivering excellent bespoke packaging.