Why Are Custom Whitening Trays Better than Strips?

Why Are Custom Whitening Trays Better than Strips?

Everyone wants stunning teeth, and there are plenty of ways to get your pearly whites looking their pearly whitest. Shop-bought strips are a popular option, especially since the upfront cost is much lower than visiting your dentist to have custom whitening trays made. However, those whitening trays really are the best option, and here are just a few reasons why.

Perfect Coverage

Strips and trays both work by applying whitening gel to the teeth. Gel is embedded in the strips; with whitening trays, you apply the gel yourself before slipping them in. The problem with strips is that its quite hard to cover the whole surface of each tooth, especially as you get further back, which often results in a patchy appearance. When you visit a dentist, a mould will be taken of your teeth to ensure the trays assume a perfect fit. As such, whitening gel is applied evenly.

More Effective

Whitening strips are bought over the counter, which means they cannot contain a very high percentage of whitening bleach. Theyre okay for a minor touch-up, but results will not be particularly dramatic. Stronger solutions need to be prescribed by a dentist.

Custom Solution

Why do stronger solutions need to be prescribed by a dentist? Because different people react differently to whitening gels, and using a stronger solution could prove problematic in some cases. When you visit a dentist to have whitening trays made, your teeth will be inspected to make sure theyll respond well to the treatment. Your dentist will tell you exactly what to expect, and they may even offer complementary treatments to improve your final results.

Lower Long-Term Cost

Yes, custom whitening trays cost a lot more than whitening strips, but you should eventually find those costs evening out. Whitening strips can only be used once, so youll need to pick up a new box whenever you want to touch up your teeth. Whitening trays can be used for years if properly cleaned and stored you will have to buy more gel, but the gel itself is not particularly expensive.