Creating a Living Environment Thats Scalable in Quality

Creating a Living Environment Thats Scalable in Quality

Just how much value one can get out of investing in the quality of their life and their health is hugely dependent on their immediate environment and common living space, so while youre gradually transforming your immediate living environment as part of what is essentially a lifelong project, you should keep in mind how scalable the quality youre searching for is. In other words, five to ten years from now, will you perhaps still enjoy the same amount of fresh air-circulation considering factors such as perhaps endeavouring to knock down a specific wall or even section a certain portion of a room off to create an extra room?

Mother Nature should get preferential treatment

When it comes to forging and maintaining a healthy interaction with your environment, the absolute best way through which this can be achieved is via the incorporation of as many natural elements as possible. For example, trees and other plants should be planted and grown as close to the building as possible so that you get the freshest air possible as and when it is emitted by those plants, but obviously you need to choose carefully by way of the types of trees and plants cultivated so that you dont have issues with maintenance, cleaning and the likes.

If you can incorporate a natural body of water in your garden that would be advantageous in many respects as well, such as the water acting as a natural filter for the air youll ultimately be breathing for a very big portion of your life.

The incorporation of natural elements into your living environment for a healthier environment can take many more forms as well, such as installing bigger windows and opening up your interior spaces so as to let in more natural light, which is always better than any artificial lighting. Youll be consuming less power and just biologically, natural light is better than artificial light.

Effective design

Your ability to incorporate as many natural elements into your daily living environment is unfortunately limited by a number of physical barriers, such as where your home is located for example or how issues such as the physiographic effects of your outdoor spaces affect things like water run-off, etc. In this case youll inevitably look towards more industrial features to be incorporated into your living environment, such as having air conditioning installed, home heating maybe, under-floor heating, a powered drainage system, etc.

Whats important is that in their design, these features are built for efficiency, such as the design standards used by the likes of the New Edge Group in their installation of air conditioning units. A strategically located unit can cool or heat up a much larger interior space with better power-efficiency than having more units installed, for example, in the same way that the positioning of certain lighting units can illuminate a much larger interior space than otherwise having to individually install power-hungry light-bulbs in every single corner of the interior space.

Living spaces evolve with time and in order make sure you maintain the quality of your living space, think about incorporating base designs which are scalable for the future, like using electronic units which are extensible with emerging power sources. Solar power is a good example thereof.