Comfort and Style: Finding a Balance

Comfort and Style: Finding a Balance

All too often these forces are at war: you can pursue style and fashion or live in comfort, but not both. Fashionable shoes pinch your feet, while comfortable clothes leave you looking out of place when youre out and about.

Today were looking at how you can find a balance, and make sure youre looking good, but also feeling comfortable and happy in clothes and also in your own skin!

Adapting to Situations

The first thing youll need is a clear understanding of the dress code written or unwritten of the events and places you attend in the course of a day. Some jobs have very clear dress codes with clear consequences for deviating from them. Some roles have an unwritten convention for your personal appearance that can be as powerful as a dress code thats included in your contract and these are harder to work with. Its easier to protest a written dress code as unjust, whereas one thats merely part of the company culture is pervasive and hard to adapt, modify or overturn.

What you can do is try to make sure youre choosing clothes that serve the conventions of the places you need to be without putting yourself in undue discomfort. Swapping heels for flats at work means an end to unfair ankle pain for women, and all genders can do themselves the favour of making sure they really are wearing the right size and fit of shoes: theres a lot of variance even the standard size nine, and making sure youre wearing shoes that are wide enough and with the right toe construction for your feet can really improve your life.


In more relaxed social situations, the fashion trend for athleisure could be the solution youre looking for! Inspired by the popularity of active-wear, designers have been blurring the boundary between your gym kit and high fashion. On one end of the spectrum, exercise wear is being injected with state of the art science and design to make clothes that look great while also giving you the edge while youre training, and at other, the pattern of active wear is infused with designs and materials from fashion, creating cashmere sweatpants, and items like a Blood Brother hoodie.

Building an outfit around athleisure means comfort becomes central. You can look thoroughly on trend and also feel great in an outfit thats built to take the comfort and support of exercise wear out for brunch.