Can vaping stain your teeth?

Can vaping stain your teeth?

Since vaping has been proclaimed as a safer option than smoking, a lot of persons have switched from smoking, whether partly or fully, to vaping. Many more people are considering making the switch and are wondering how the switch will benefit their overall health including their oral health. This article and this site will help answer the question.

More specifically, one may be wondering if vaping can stain their teeth. This article presents findings on whether vaping can stain a person’s teeth.

Research has specifically established that vaping generally does not stain one’s teeth. There are, however, exceptions, in cases where the vape contains tar and coloring. The components of cigarettes that stain teeth include tar and colorings. Since vapes generally do not contain tar and colorings, they do not stain teeth. This claim has been confirmed by dentists.

Although vapes do not contain tar and coloring, they contain nicotine in small quantities. Nicotine has been been associated with giving teeth a slight yellow colour. Nicotine gives teeth a yellow tinge, and this prevents a vaper’s teeth from being completely white. The effect of the nicotine constituent is, however, mild since the nicotine content of vapes is very low.

One is thus not completely assured of sparkling white teeth when they switch from smoking to vaping. However, the effects of vapes on one’s teeth is much better that the effects of cigarettes on one’s teeth.

To answer the question, no vaping does not stain one’s teeth. The effect of the nicotine content of vapes is also not worth concern as the teeth are not stained even though they wouldn’t be as white as those of a non-vaper with good oral hygiene. To ensure that vaping does not stain one’s teeth, it is important to avoid vapes that contain tars as well as those with brightly coloured substances as these vapes can stain teeth.

Apart from the benefit of vaping as regards teeth stains, there are other oral health benefits of vaping that should be considered as one thinks of switching from smoking to vaping or just considers vaping.

Vapes do not give one a bad breath, another oral health benefit of switching from smoking to vaping. Smoker’s breath comes from the tobacco as well as other components of cigarettes that are burnt when one smokes. Since these substances are not burnt when one smokes an e-cigarette, they do not get the bad breath associated with smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes also cause bad breath since blood flow to the gum is restricted.

Vaping is also associated with improved overall teeth heath because of the lower nicotine content and the fact that nicotine is burnt differently in e-cigarettes. The improved gum health cuts across gum damage, gum disease and dry mouth.

Smokers, for example, can have bleeding gums without experiencing the symptoms because of the vaso-constricting effect of nicotine. Such occurrences are not seen with vapers. Although vaping has not been verified as completely free of negative effects on oral health, it is generally accepted that vaping is safer than smoking and vapers are exposed to less oral health side-effects than smokers.