Building Healthy Relationships in the Modern World

Building Healthy Relationships in the Modern World

The 50 percent divorce rate stat comes from about a couple of decades ago or so, so I guess it must be worse by now by way of failed marriages. If its not worse then it will perhaps only be as a result of the fact that more and more people are choosing to rather not get married, otherwise this brings to light the fact that a different approach to building healthy relationships is required for those relationships to have any chance of survival in the modern world.

There are so many added pressures to have to contend with in the construction of a relationship that has any chance of success, some of which challenges seem to pop-up almost overnight. Your grandparents may not understand why youre not giving them great grandchildren for example as a result of them having had one of your parents as one of their children by the time they were your age. That in itself is probably one of many sources for the pressures facing people seeking to construct successful relationships in the modern world.

So here are just some of the many elements to take into account on your quest to try and make it work with a relationship in a world and in a time when relationships dont seem to be a practical priority to pursue.

Being clear about what you want

Trust me, there are plenty of other people all around the world or even in your own neighbourhood who want exactly what you want out of a relationship, so be clear about it instead of trying to make something that never has a chance of working with someone seeking something totally different out of their potential relationship with you.

Being open about your finances

Lets face it the finances are a major factor in the viability of relationships these days, so much so that some people choose not to entertain serious relationships as a result of not having their financial affairs in order. Be honest and perhaps the two of you could get your stuff together, together…

Making use of the available compatibility-testing technology

Hey, dating sites which make use of scientifically-backed compatibility tests should not be knocked before you try them. It may just save you a lot of time, money, pain and heartache!

Proactively putting a contingency plan in place

You don’t always have to visit professionals such as divorce lawyers but companies like peters and may are always on hand once you’re dealing with a divorce. Before it comes to that, consider getting professional help from outside. In fact, some of the best family lawyers Sydney and other regions have on offer would probably prefer it if more of their clients took more of a proactive approach and collaborated with them when the good times were rolling in their relationships, rather than when things have gone really sour and there is a lot of bitterness to have to deal with. This bitterness otherwise clouds some much-needed reasoning and a good-spirited manner in which proceedings would be approached, whereas when contingencies are made while the good times are rolling the process would go along much easier in the event of something like a divorce coming to the fore. Heaven forbid of course.

If and when the time comes, all parties involved would then already know what to do, like how shared custody arrangements would be made, etc.