Your Brick Wall Needs Attention

Your Brick Wall Needs Attention

Everything you touch surely dies

These lines from the famous band Passengers song implies to the robust brick wall.

It’s true that walls start decaying from day one (because they are exposed to the elements) and eventually break down. This can become dangerous, especially in the case of tall buildings and public places. Such buildings are the first to tremble in case of an earthquake, claiming innocent lives.

How do buildings decay?

Buildings quickly show hints of mortal deterioration. The outer and inner fabrics of the walls start to leak with stains of water, and soot accumulation, especially on the upper portions of the wall. The construction material starts to fall off the wall. Eventually, cracks start to appear. It is the final stage of collapse. This is especially common for old heritage buildings which have been around for centuries and have been exposed to the elements for a long time. The deterioration of these buildings is often accelerated by a lack of proper maintenance and restoration efforts. It may be necessary to bring in a restoration company for heritage brick restoration in Yorkshire (or elsewhere) as soon as possible in order to prevent these buildings from being destroyed.

If the building is not restored, it will eventually crumble, leading to its permanent destruction. This would be a loss of a valuable piece of history and culture. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect and restore old heritage buildings.

Oftentimes, wall damage could be due to fire and staining from smoke in areas around kitchens, boiler rooms, and chimneys, especially in old houses. When there are stains on walls due to the accumulation of soot, it could lead to discolouration and crackling of the paint. So, it is important to call in a fire restoration company as they tend to have the latest equipment and techniques necessary to remove those stains and restore the affected areas. Aside from the fact that it makes your home look shabby, it could eventually affect the structural integrity of the walls over time.

Likewise, water damage can cause serious harm to your home as well as your family due to mould growth. In order to protect the buildings from water damage, restoration companies (like this one providing services for water damage repair Los Angeles) should be hired to help with damage recovery. These companies are usually experienced in repairing and maintaining the inner and outer layers of the walls. In addition, professionals from such restoration firms are trained in securing buildings for optimal usage and eliminating any hint of obsolescence from the structure.

Does brick repointing work?

Brick repointing is one of the oldest and most popular ways of reclaiming a wall. Brick repointing is a complicated and time-consuming process. Therefore, this work is only undertaken by highly experienced masons.

Almost all the masons can build a perfect new wall but re-pointing requires a different skillset and years of experience, which a lot of them do not possess. Always look for recommendations before appointing masons to repoint a wall. A little mistake and you will be left with a much more damaged and potentially lethal structure.

Sometimes people try to repoint walls themselves to save some money. This isn’t just costly but very dangerous as well. Once you start seeing we patches and cracks in your wall, call an experienced mason. There are many highly specialized brick repointing service contractors that you can contact for better quality services.

It is essential to contact a specialized contractor as soon as you see the signs of damage. A minor damage will take $500 to repair. However, if you keep postponing the plan, you could end up paying more than $10,000.

It is always better to invest in minor damages before it gets too late. It will eventually save you a lot of money, time and avoid last-minute headaches too.

Why call specialized repointing contractors?

If you appoint a skilled mason, you will not need further repointing for 50-100 years. New bricks are harder and last much longer than old ones. If you have an old building, it should be checked for leaks and damage every 15 to 20 years.

Sometimes the re-pointing will require special maintenance depending upon the type of damage. It will also depend upon the weather, pollution and the earthquake prone zone you are living in.

We recommended you to appoint the same mason for repointing every time. This will not only help in saving costs but will also maintain the structural integrity of your building.

Be smart and create a safe home for yourself and for your family. If the walls are leaking or cracking, contact a brick repointing service today!