Best places in the UK for beginners to paddle board

Best places in the UK for beginners to paddle board

Paddle boarding quickly became a favourite water sport over the past few years, attracting a wide number of people who had never tried the sport before. When you first go paddle boarding, after you have picked the best beginners paddle board you need to pick good locations to try out.

For the first few times trying out your beginner’s paddle board, you will need a calm space of water to get used to paddle boarding without having to worry too much about large waves throwing you off balance. Here is a list of a few great places in the UK to go paddle boarding if you are a beginner.

1.   The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are a great place to take your beginners paddle board on one of its first outings, with around 120 miles of accessible waterways to explore with 63 broads and 7 rivers there are endless routes to enjoy. With the flat and winding waterways, paddle boarding at the Norfolk broads is perfect for paddle boarders with all levels of experience. You do need a permit to paddle board here but they can be easily gained from the Broads Authority.

2.   Black Rock Sands, Gwynedd

Black Rock Sands is an ideal place for beginner paddle boarders, with gentle shores it is great for beginners to learn the ropes of the sport. There is even the opportunity to explore the estuary which heads inland where paddle boarders can venture to find Little Italy, Portmeirion.

3.   Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex

Also known as Cuckmere Estuary, Cuckmere Haven is an area in Sussex where the river Cuckmere meets the English Channel creating a big floodplain. This place is perfect to take your beginners paddle board as the water is very flat and calm, aside from being a chilled paddle boarding location, there is some beautiful scenery. The Seven Sisters cliffs are a nearby view as well as the Polynesia wreck at low tides.

4.   Woolacombe Sands, Devon

Woolacombe beach is a huge stretch of beautiful golden sands and is a location favourite amongst beginners, families and experts alike. Not only is it a beautiful spot to paddle board but you can also get paddle board lessons on the beach making it ideal for beginners who want some extra guidance.

5.   Ullswater, The Lake District

Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District at 9 miles long and 0.75 miles wide there is plenty of room for beginners to become acquainted with their first paddle board. The water is calm and still, making it easy for beginners to get their balance under control. Ullswater lake is also likened to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland making it an exciting place to paddle board.

There are lots of beautiful places in the UK to take your beginners paddle board for a spin, the best places for beginners tend to be areas where the water is sheltered so that there are minimal waves and wind. Places without wind and waves will often have the calmest water making it easy to get the hang of paddle boarding basics. Once you feel more comfortable you can try out new areas that are less sheltered to build your confidence and skill.