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7 Classic Films That Would be Ruined by Technology

There are many films that can, nowadays, make us sigh in disbelief. Why didnt they call the police? Or why didnt they just pick up the phone? Of course, this may be an option now, but you need to remember that back in the day, email or iPads werent the norm (or even invented) and so wouldnt influence the outcome of the films plot. Whats the fun in that, though? If youre someone who likes to pick holes in films, then this article is for you. Here are 7 classic films that technology would well and truly ruin. continue reading


Vital facts you need to know on e-liquids Increase your knowledge on vaping

You can either call it vape juice or e-liquid or e-juice but they all will mean the same thing which is the liquid that has been used in electronic cigarettes. All these refer to the liquid substance that is added within the vape pen which is not smoke but is vaporized into the lungs when the person inhales the vaporizer. You may not know that e-liquids usually come in various flavors and they often carry different types of ingredients depending on the impact that you wish to achieve while the liquid is being used. However, before you purchase e-liquids, you require understanding the categories and how they function to influence your satisfaction and influence. continue reading

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Looking to give your brain a boost? Here are the best mind-bending games

Whether you often find yourself stuck in traffic, sat staring at a screen, or simply dont have the time to do anything for yourself, its common to feel like your brain might be going to waste. However, theres a solution at hand: by building some time into your day to enjoy the best brain-teasing games that the internet has to offer, you can ensure that you keep your cognitive functions and psychological health working well without having to waste time or energy. With that in mind, here are some of the best brain-teasing games available on the internet today.

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How to Bring A Classy Vibe to Your Home with Elegant Furniture

Great home designs always contain some timeless pieces that look unique and attractive, regardless of the changing trends. If you want to start designing your home, focus first on the furniture. Most people consider furniture as utilities instead of quality dcor items. This is the reason why their homes often miss an edge even if they look good. continue reading

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The Impact of Technology on Fitness and Health

It comes as no surprise as to why many of us have and continue to rely on technology. Its rapid evolution and advancement have made many things thought to be difficult in the past easily achievable now, one of which relates to fitness and health. In fact, you could argue that the accessibility of current-generation technology available has made people much more conscious about their health due to the host of advantages that it yields. continue reading