Are some e-cigarette flavours healthier than others?

Are some e-cigarette flavours healthier than others?

This is amongst the most commonly asked questions posed by e-cigarette enthusiasts today. There are generally three reasons why people choose to smoke e-cigarettes. One, because the vapour tastes and feels good. Two, because vaping is recognised as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products. And, three, elements of one and two together.

The numbers

In fact, in a campaign to stop as many people from smoking tobacco products in 2019, Public Health England have published research that estimates vaping as at least 95% less harmful than smoking. And, while skepticism does remain on the issue, this statistic alone will hopefully encourage as many people as possible to follow their lead.

But what about the people who are already there? The same research calculated that around 2.5 million adults in England currently use e-cigarettes, with as many as 3.2 million people across the UK as a whole making this lifestyle choice. Given that so many people have switched from smoking tobacco products, to vaping, its natural that the health benefits of individual products are still a concern.

The options

Most e-cigarette flavours will either be propylene-glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) products, with PG tending to gather the most bad press. For instance, propylene-glycol is known to trigger some mild, allergic reactions, and is also used as an ingredient in some antifreeze solutions (albeit specifically non-toxic ones). It is also found in ice creams, frostings, and baking mixes, so you dont need to worry if youve been filling your vape-tank with it for the past few months.

Vegetable glycerin products, however, are widely known to taste and feel smoother when inhaled. Extracted from plant oils, and therefore natural, they are also less likely to irritate the throat. Even ex-cigarette smokers, often long accustomed to a tingle at the back of the throat when inhaling, have come to appreciate the smoother sensation of VG flavours.

The wide variety of PG and VG flavours available all come safely under the: 95% less harmful umbrella detailed above, so why the continued doubt about these products?

The results

In fact, the incredible variety of e-cigarette flavours is one of the big issues here. Information on the Cancer Research website explains that because of the wide variety available, it is not possible to provide safety information for all types on the market. This means that despite the recognised and researched benefits of e-cigarettes regularly being published, a lack of clarity when it comes to individual products means rumours of perceived damage to public health are often received as fact.

Subsequently, and until genuine facts are released, the most sensible consumerist decision an e-cig user cab make could be to stick with the product that agrees with them. To be sure that you are choosing a high quality VG or PG flavour, check the label on your flavour bottle, or ask someone from your local vape shop about their products. You can also guarantee a high quality product by looking for a new supplier online. Pure E-liquids, for instance, stock an enormous range of VG flavours and strengths and give you the opportunity to see exactly what each liquid is made of before you buy.