Are Normatec boots worth it?

Are Normatec boots worth it?

I think whenever we buy any large scale/high purchase product with a lot of value, this can be anything from a car to a phone we want to research closely and make sure we’re getting our money’s worth! Since the pandemic there’s been an upward trend in home fitness purchases, as we try to keep fit both physically and mentally over a tough period. This can be anything simple from walking or for those lucky enough to have a home gym and be relatively undisrupted, a full workout!

Normatec boots have been developed to help athletes post workout in recovery or to stimulate muscles pre workout, preparing the body for what’s ahead. Whilst specifically targeted towards athletes, could Normatec boots have use for those working out at home as well? And if so, are they worth the investment? You can’t put a price on recovery after exercise, often overlooked in favour of the workout itself, when arguably it is just as if not more important as this is when the growth happens. Keep on reading to find out more!

Normatec Boots Features

Normatec boots, with their patented technology, help to speed up recovery through special massage technology increasing blood flow in the legs reducing pain and soreness. It Comes with a range of accessories, such as a Bluetooth pairing device/app allowing you to customise your recovery and trusted by professionals at the top of their game. So you could even imitate the same recovery as your favourite athlete, although you may not want to push it that far, even if you’re at the top of your game as well!

There are 2 Normatec boots currently on offer. The pulse PRO 2.0 which has highly customisable programming and a sophisticated touchscreen display. Boasted as the most advanced athlete recovery system with cutting edge connectivity and powerful results. Currently retailing at £899 (Pulse 2.0) and £1,199 (Pulse PRO 2.0), these boots from Normatec are proven to aid in recovery post-workout despite what some may view as a big investment.

The Normatec boots design is compact and lightweight, so easy to put on especially after a hard workout! Easy to put on as well, as the boots come in a range of sizes tailored to meet your needs. How the boots work to speed up recovery is through massaging the legs to increase circulation. This is how Normatec boots are different from the rest, as it combines three distinctive massage techniques to speed up the body’s normal recovery process. These are pulsing compression, gradients and distal release in comparison to more simplistic compression patterns in normal fitness recovery products. This is the most important element for effective compression on the legs.


With all these product features, are the Normatec boots worth it? Through its patented technology and massage features which increase blood circulation, helping those legs recover which is essential for you to start feeling back to your best. Increased blood circulation is scientifically proven to improve recovery by increasing oxygen into the blood. The combination of massage features speed this up to help the legs recover faster, especially for athletes not just at the top of their game but for those who are physically active, whether this is from running, or the gym, or any kind of physical sport. These boots will help those legs feel fresher much faster!